Thursday, February 18, 2010

Into The Jungle

Myself and Sen. Scott Brown's truck:

Well, I'm now, after a certain amount of trepidation, in DC. We left Bryan at about 9:00am yesterday morning (already seems like much longer ago) and drove seven hours or so to Lynchburg Virginia. Dr. Clauson has a house there from when he used to teach at LU. The only catch was there was absolutely nothing in the house. I ended up sleeping on the floor in the attic.

This morning we got up, and I was preoccupied enough with putting on my suit that I didn't eat breakfast. We got on our way and went to Starbucks where I got a latte that ended up being about the only thing I ingested all day.

The trip went well until the point at which we we actually got into DC... then all hell broke loose. Our car had separated from the rest of the group, and we exited 66 in the wrong place... DC was still full of snow and we ended up driving at highspeeds back and forth through these little ravines that they have, taking wrong turns, u turns, and turns that couldn't really be classified as any letter of the alphabet {Note from one month in the future: our driver Zac, did in fact get a ticket in the mail two weeks after the trip}.

When we finally got onto Connecticut Ave. and found the Marriot we weren't able to find a parking place... we went into one parking garage... back out again.... We were late for registration and decided to just get valet parking and try to get the school to pay for it later... all that we found out however was that we were at the wrong hotel and the one we needed was around the block. So we eventually made it in. I got registered and made my way to the XPAC lounge where I was supposed to be volunteering as of an hour before. They ended up not having a problem with my being late, and I was able to work for a few hours that afternoon checking peoples registration at the door.

A FOXNews anchor who's name I can't remember right now:

So, as had been agreed upon, they gave me free admittance to the XPAC lounge, and I now have free food and internet access for the rest of the convention, not to mention a place to relax in an otherwise swamped an chaotic convention center.

The atmosphere is pretty overwhelming! There are reporters and politicians running around everywhere, and stations broadcasting live around every corner (FOXNews is in our lounge... Daniel and I are going to try and figure out a way to get on TV before it's over).

I haven't really heard many speakers between registration and working for XPAC. Tomorrow Daniel and Shannon and I have a few sessions that we want to hear.

It's interesting, ending up at the primary conservative conference in the whole country, when I'm not really that conservative... but then, there are a lot of libertarians here this year, and I can generally relate to them pretty well.

For the rest of the conference we'll be staying with a host family about 45 minutes out of DC, which is where I am now. It seems like it's going to work it really well.

So, I guess that's all for now... will probably post again tomorrow night.

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Rebecca said...

This is great! Just be careful not to get your suit all messed up on the metro :)