Friday, February 12, 2010


Well, I had intended to follow up to my last post just the day afterword. By then, we would have hopefully given our presentation in Environmental Science, and I would be able to talk about how it went.

After the other speakers went overtime however, our presentation got moved to the next Monday... or so we thought. We arrived back in class Monday afternoon to ready yet again to give our presentation, only to find that we had either all seriously misunderstood our professor, or someone had changed their mind, because we were now not scheduled to go until today, which is Friday.

We finally did it... and I think it was definitely a success. Everybody seemed to think it was funny, and Dr. Eisenback was pretty impressed by the video... so that's all good.

I'm officially going to CPAC 2010 now. I paid all my dues, and last night I went to a meeting to discuss everything. There was a girl there who works for one of the political figures who is in charge of Xpac, the program for the under 30 crowed who can't afford the $300 dollar cover charge to get into the banquets at night. They apparently have a room open all day with food and games and guest speakers at night (I have on good authority that Ann Coulter will be stopping by). The girl offered us all free admission to Xpac in return for working the registration table for just an hour or two. So I signed up for that... free food, wifi and video games for the whole conference in exchange for an hour is a pretty good deal.

So now it just needs to stop dumping record setting amounts of snow on DC in time for us to drive up there next week!

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