Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Unimaginable Wealth, Or Your Lawn Could Catch On Fire For Ever

As I mentioned in a number of earlier posts, gas wells have been popping up around here faster than I can keep track of any more. It seems like I can't go for a drive without seeing a new one, and it seldom really gets dark anymore because of the flashing plumes of flame that come out when they burn off excess gasses in the drilling process.

It's not much of a surprise since this summer our whole little area was practically swarmed with trucks, testing crews, and helicopters. I have to say we were more than a little exited when we saw all of it start to happen. We have been watching the approach of the drilling since it started up in New York a couple years ago. My Dad was banking on it happening a long time before most people around here even new it was a possibility. Having a well on your land is often like winning the lottery. We know people with as little as ten acres with gas well who now make around $18,000... a month.

Of course, a well doesn't always turn out. Sometimes it will be dry. Other times it will pollute the ground water, and you won't be able to drink it anymore (this happened to some other people we know). Or, in the worst case scenario, it could trigger a subterranean fire that would in the words of my Uncle Tom: "Set your lawn on fire for ever."

Well, for better or worse, Fortuna, the drilling company that we lease our land to just notified my grandparents this morning that they intend to drill. Not just one, and possibly as many as eight wells right in the middle of my Grandparent's, my Uncle, and our land.

So, everyone is extremely, if guardedly exited. It's really know secret that we have been hovering on the edge of financial disaster for the last few years, and it has only gotten worse since my Dad got sick and the recession caused our business to all but fail. So maybe this is the big break that we have been praying for.
We could (could) be rich next year... or our lawn could catch on fire for a hundred years. Either way, I can't wait for them to start drilling. I hear a lot of people complain about how loud and disruptive the process is. Not this guy. Loud noises 24/7. Bright florescent lights in the middle of the night. Bring it on!


mattea said...

Yeah!! BRING IT ON!!!!!

Halifirien Pilgrim said...

You think she's excited about this?

Anonymous said...

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