Thursday, January 28, 2010

So There!

In the past week I have advanced academically from freshman to junior. How did this happen? Well, I was accepted to Bryan so late that I didn't pursue having my transcripts beyond the first one from Mansfield sent. Thus, I arrived on campus before most of my credits did and spent the first week being a freshman with only 24 credits. Soon my 2nd transcript from Mansfield arrived though, giving me my 12 credits from last semester. This coincided with the arrival of my 12 AP History credits from high school, pushing me up to a Sophomore. Today, my official transcript from Saints Bible Institute was processed with 18 more credits, making me, at least by most conventions, a Junior. So there. How do you like me now?

I'm sorry, that sounded terrible, but I just couldn't resist. I wanted to say it on twitter, but I restrained myself to saying it here where I can at least apologize afterwords. I'm sorry.

Classes are going well so far. There's only one that I hate, and there are three or four that I'm enjoying.

I've been thinking a lot about the State Department lately. I had never really considered what it even was before, but then, the other day, I started wondering who works in the dozens of embassies that our country has all over the world. It's the State Department. And I thought that that would be a really cool thing to work for... doing something for the government overseas, but not in the military.

I've been researching it online, and of course, where they want people these days is in the Middle-East... but I've always been interested in that... even if it is one of the 'less safe' parts of the world. So I would really like to find someway to get some experience with Arab culture... and one of the languages... Arabic or Farsi.

That's all just thought at this point of course... but it's something I may look at more.

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