Friday, January 08, 2010

New Horizons

My Dad and several contractors spent most of the day today installing the Verner, a biomass furnace, in our garage. This was a messy endeavor, and to make matters worse, my room sits directly above the garage, and was filled with smoke from the burning grain as they tested it that carried an odd aroma that several people were only able to compare to weed. So basically, myself, my room, and most everything that I own now smells like it... which could be awkward.

More importantly though, while I my Dad was preoccupied with the installation, I ended up grilling chicken outside for supper. After turning it once or twice, I stepped in out of the cold and snow and ended up checking my facebook on my itouch. What I saw almost knocked me over. There was a wall post from an admissions counselor at Bryan College congratulating me on my acceptance!

Now, yes, I had applied, and really wanted to get in. However, after several delays, some due to procrastination, and others completely beyond my control, I had given up hope of getting in this semester. Classes start next week! But there it was. I dashed across the driveway to my smoke laden room and checked my email, and there it was: and acceptance letter! Aside from telling me that I was accepted, Christopher, my admissions counselor told me just to show up there at 8:00am this Monday morning and we would get all the details figured out.

Now, the next couple days are bound to be a bit of an adventure, mainly considering that there are 700 some miles of space between me and Monday morning in Dayton TN. I'm exited though. More exited that I've been about anything in a while really, and really thankful that it worked out, even if it was as late as it possibly could have been. I have had many people tell me that God does things that way.... Now I always personally hoped that it wouldn't be that way for me, but it's still good. So yeah... going to Tennessee.

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