Sunday, January 10, 2010


After hearing that I was accepted to Bryan College ten minutes after 5 o'clock the Friday before classes started, I had a quick discussion with my parents, and we decided we would do it.

I hardly had a chance to say goodbye to anyone except my Grandma and Grandpa Wilber, and my Papa T, who came up to wish me luck the day before I left. Thus, I'm probably going to have some explaining to do to friends and other family over the next couple weeks.

All my friends at Bryan that I've called or fbooked so far are really happy though, and surprised, as I had told them that I doubted it would work out this semester.

We decided that my parents would drive me down this time, and I would attempt to go the first semester hear without a car, which could be interesting, but I think it should work out.

Tonight we are in Knoxville, the capital of Tennessee. It seems like a cool city, if almost completely empty tonight.

Tomorrow we are leaving around six to arrive in Dayton at eight to start getting things started at Bryan.

So that's all for now.


Andrew said...


Heather Dianne said...

so exciting - God works things out so quickly sometimes! I hope that it all goes well as you settle in at Bryan :)

Andrew said...

Thanks Heather!