Friday, January 15, 2010

The First Week

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. It wasn't until this afternoon that the IT department was able to get my computer online. It seems there was some fluke in how my account was set up after I paid my initial deposit (only last Saturday) and it took a number of meetings with them to get the problem figured out.

The couple days on campus were a little rough. There was so much stuff that needed to be set up with financial aid and getting into classes, plus none of my friends from SBI had arrived on campus yet, and I was going through internet withdrawal. Things have steadily improved since then. I went out to eat with Ryan and Lauren and a few of their friends the first night they arrived at a really great Mexican restaurant. Other than that I've been eating at the cafeteria, which has actually been pretty good for the most part.

Classes started this Wednesday, and all of them have gone pretty well. I'm really enjoying one called International Relations, which is a political science class.

I've also met a number of the professors that I had in Italy, including Palmer, who invited me out for coffee sometime after I'm settled in.

It was quite cold the day we arrived, which was a little disappointing, but now it must be up in the fifties at least, and sunny, which is great. I'll be able to start running again much sooner here.

One of the best things so far has definitely been the Engage conference that the school put on. The speaker was Andy Crouch, author of Culture Making. He was one of the most dynamic speakers I've ever heard (not to mention a great musician).

So things are going well, and now that I have internet access, they should be much easier.

All for now.

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