Monday, December 14, 2009

Someone Set The Sky On Fire

Last week was crazy with all the writing from my three (W) courses. It's paying off this week though, because those classes either didn't have finals, or they were given online and I was able to take them already. So, as of 4:30 this afternoon, I was done with the semester. Woot.

This evening I went to Bible study at North Hall Library in Mansfield. Before going up I went into the Night & Day Cafe and ordered a chai latte. The barrista saw my bible and didn't realize what it was and said "Wow, that's a cool looking book." So I was like, "yeah, it is pretty cool actually.", and showed her what it was. It was almost closing time, and I ended up getting upgraded to a "Chai Charger", meaning that it had an extra shot of espresso in it, simply because she had was going to dump it down the drain otherwise. That shot may be responsible for my antics the rest of the evening, as well as the fact that I am up writing this now.

Patrick and I ended up going over to Allen Hall where they were giving away free coffee and doughnuts for a "late night finals study break" before starting. As it turned out, there were no more doughnuts, and I already had coffee. It was all worth it in the end though, as the had Baklava, which, while random, I was ecstatic about.

On the way home, I saw eerie flickering red glow lighting up the entire horizon. On the way over I had taken it for a lightning storm or something, but since it was still there, I decided to investigate. I switched the stereo to Muses latest album and turned off of 549 onto onto a backroad that seemed to be pointing roughly in the direction of the flashes. After driving recklessly for eight or nine miles, switching roads once, and only briefly catching sight of the source of the conflagration, I shot up a hill and came face to face with it. It was a gas well that was uncapped, and jetting a forty foot plume of flame into the night sky. The video doesn't do it justice. You can hear the roar, but I could also feel the heat radiating from it all the way into my car, and I wondered if I was maybe closer to it than I was supposed to be.

A semitrailer came up behind me, and I was unable to turn around, and ended up thinking I was lost, but then ending up in a little village outside of Mansfield that I recalled. So I ended up having to drive all the way home again. It was worth it though.


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