Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Double-Tap In Rochester

Today I went to Rochester with my parents and littlest sister. My parents had said they would get me some kind of new music listening device for Christmas. My phone is getting pretty old, so they were originally thinking an iPhone. After seeing how expensive it was going to be to add another one to the plan however, we decided to get an iPod Touch instead. So while I still need a new phone eventually, this more than satisfies all of my music storage needs. It also makes an awesome little web browser, and I am actually posting from it at this very minute. There is a tad of irony in the fact that I am sitting right in front of my computer while tapping away at my touch, but I mainly just want to see if this will work.

Tapping, is in fact the word used in the instruction manual to describe the action of your fingers on the screen. This seemed a little funny to me at first. But when I got to the part where they call doing it twice a "double tap" it struck me as downright hilarious because I previously new that only to mean killing some one hitman style....

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