Sunday, December 27, 2009


Christmas came. The part with my immediate family was wonderful as always. The part with my extended family was troubling.

This morning I went to Church with my family at the local house fellowship. There must have been some unspoken agreement that this was going to be Anabaptist (Mennonite) theology day, because they were all laying it on heavy with the supremacy of free will, and the importance of living a life style that sets you apart from the unbeliever, and the vitality of keeping the commandments to salvation, and other things that would make Charles Spurgeon, John Calvin, St. Augustine, and most of the other theologians that I tend to agree with turn over in their graves all at once.

Fortunately, I had to leave early to go to a birthday party in Corning for my old neighbor, Jordan.

He had a Texas Hold Em' themed party, which, as I learned, is a form of poker. I had never played before... but fortunately for me, neither had most of the people there. So I learned how, which I had wanted to do for some time actually. That was fun. I also got to see my old Sovereign Grace friends again. Between this and the Christmas party, I've become quite acquainted with some of them, and may end up coming to their guys nights.

I've been tired since yesterday. I think I have a cold that put my little sister Maryah on the couch for about 24 hours. No fun. I don't have a lot of typical cold syptoms besides a sore throat, but as far as general energy and state of well being goes, I feel like I got hit by a truck (ok, so I'm sure if I actually ever did get hit by a truck, I'd feel much worse, but I like the expression).

However, that didn't stop me from driving to Williamsport yesterday to meet up with my friend Jonathan from SBI. We had a great time. And yes, he may be the only person I know who just sitting a Wegmans and eating a slice of pizza with could be classified as a great time. We talked about my plans, for the next semester, but mostly reminisced about stuff that we did in Italy. That eventually led to talking about plans for the near future. This usually terrifies me, but it was actually fun. He is going on a missions trip to Italy this summer... which led to us talking about me making a possible visit for a week or two while he's there. I did of course bring up the insufferable issue of money, which is the only factor I can really see as a negative. We decided though that regardless of what happens this summer, we want to just go to Europe some Christmas break and see how many places we can go. Which sounds absolutely fantastic to me. So, that's hopeful, and in the near future, even if the immediate future is becoming more and more foggy.

The last situation with my extended family tonight had me rather depressed for a bit. I just ended up not being able to think of anything but the anthem from Coldplay's last album: "I don't want to follow death and all of his friends." And I came to the conclusion eventually that the fact that I actualy don't want to follow death and all of his friends is hopeful (because sometimes I feel like I might be following them, and not just in regards to family), and must mean God is still doing something with me; which is hopeful.

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