Friday, November 27, 2009


Two days before yesterday my Dad had surgery. Since he had his last episode they wanted to look around in his arteries and see if it would be possible to place a stent where the restriction that caused him his first stroke is. It's a somewhat risky operation, and I was praying really hard the morning they did it. The surgeon ended up deciding it was still to fragile and they didn't place the stent, so while that's unfortunate, I'm thankful he made it through for the time being.

The day before yesterday I interviewed my Aunt Beverly. I'm having to interview two people over the age of 75 for my social research class. It ended up being really good. Just the interview went for almost two hours and I learned a lot of things about her family (and mine also). She is really an amazing person. She and her husband now travel all over the world and are involved in all kinds of community service projects. I just hope that if I live that long I'll be something like that. So regardless of what kind of grade I get on the project, I'm glad I got to talk to her.

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving at my Uncle Tom and Aunt Linda's house. It's really just down the road from us, and just across the street from my Grandparents house where we would more traditionally celebrate it. Did I ever mention on here that my Aunt and Uncle have an awesome house? It used to be a fabric store called the Strawberry Patch that my Grandma ran. Back they it was just a single room long building with a basement and a tiny upstairs. When my cousins moved to the hill when I was seven or eight they moved in there (after a short stint in the house that I now live myself) and added on the upstairs of the Strawberry Patch building. Then, two years ago or so, my Uncle started building this huge four story addition that more than doubled the size of the building. It's all beautifully done, and with the combined length of the two buildings (which he left open all the way) you easily put a couple bowling allies in the downstairs!

So anyways, it was a good Thanksgiving. I have lots of papers that I need to work on and seem to have almost no motivation to do so. I also need another senior citizen interview. That should happen though....

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josiah said...

coolness. I really have nothing interesting to say. But I hope your Dad is ok.