Friday, November 20, 2009

Pizza & Fancy Women of Easy Virtue

Yesterday was pretty long. I only have one class on Thursdays, in the morning, but I had told some people that I would come to Social Science Club, which is at 4:00PM. So after my class got out at 11:30, I had to hang out in town for almost five hours. I ate some pizza and was able to get some good research done for big papers for two of my classes; Mesoamerican Anthropology and Rural Sociology. The book I found for the Meso class was really a bit of a life saver too. I'm writing my paper on syncretism (the mixture of two religions in a culture) and until now hadn't been able to find that much in the way of literature directly about it.

At SS club we ate pizza (good) and watched this really long documentary on the Austin Dam disaster (not so good). It was actually interesting, just... long. One part was pretty funny (although it wasn't intended to be). They were discussing different aspects of the town, and apparently there had been a brothel there, the occupants of which one of the old people interviewed referred to as "Fancy women of easy virtue".

I had intended to go home after this, but Nicole had really wanted me to come to Navigators (Patrick was playing some rather nontraditional instruments: think accordion). Also, Bill and Emily invited me to a party at their place starting around ten, which is just about when Navs gets out. Since the movie ran so long, I decided to go. So I ended up spending two and a half more hours in town with nothing to do.

Navs was good, and I hung out for almost an hour afterwords. I then went to Bill and Emily's, which was fun. They made some really good punch (and pizza), and we watched The Orphanage (not to be confused with The Orphan). It was Spanish, so we watched it with subtitles. I have to say it was much better than I thought it would be (I generally have pretty low expectations for horror movies).

So, when the day was through, I had been in Mansfield from 10am that morning to about 1am the next morning, and eaten pizza like three times... which is ok.

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