Friday, November 06, 2009

The Great All-American Freakout

Classes have been going decently this past week. Social Research got really intense (that is, more 'really intense' than it has been) but I completed and mailed the survey I had been working on, so that is a big milestone.

Last night I saw Anberlin, Taking Back Sunday and The All-American Rejects live in concert at Mansfield. It was fun. Anberlin and Taking Back Sunday were both pretty good. The All-American Rejects show was seriously perverted though... anyhow it was an experience.

It's that time of year again when all the leaves have fallen and everything is gray (or white this morning as it snowed last night on my way home). If you look hard while your driving along through, particularly through swampy areas, you're likely to see a splotch of red color, and likely as not, it's swamp berries. I went on a walk with my Mom the day before yesterday, and we walked into our neighbors swamp and picked some to decorate with:

Last winter I didn't have any heat in my house save for some little electric space heaters which didn't do the job when it got really cold. This year, my Dad decided to install a Czech biomass furnace, the Verner, that we sold for a while at ThisWarmHouse. The contractors have been here every morning for the last few days, which means I haven't been able to sleep in at all, since they are working right here. To add insult to injury, they didn't show up until about two weeks after my Dad said they were going to. In order to fix a pipe that was frozen in the storage space beside my room, all the stuff that was stored in it was emptied into my room... and since they didn't come for two weeks, all this junk has been covering my room for almost three weeks now. But at any rate, I'm thankful that they are doing it now, and that I'll have heat this year!


Anonymous said...

Wonder if they are the same contractors who were working at our house for the previous week and a half installing OUR new furnace. :)

hence the reason they would have been behind schedule getting to your project. :(

sherlock said...

Dude! Anberlin is my favorite band ever. Okay. One of my top 3 at least. Still. That's brilliant that you saw them.

Heat is nice.

Anonymous said...

Paper Thin Hymn is a good'un.

Just read your Halloween post.

My Halloween costume was way lamer than yours. I was a monk. yeah. a monk. it sucked. it was an inside joke and the ppl whom the joke were inside of did not show up.

josiah said...

Responded to you on my blog.


Anonymous said...

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Andrew said...

Glad you enjoyed it : ) Feel free to follow if you want.