Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rocking San Lorenzo

This is a video Chad and Connor (two of my mates from Saints Bible Institute) and I made as a joke for our graduation ceremony (it's tradition there to have a sort of talent show afterwords). So this was filmed on one of the last days we spent together in Italy. I have had tons of problems posting this video online since it has a song in it, and the powers that be have been cracking down really hard on that recently. I first put it on facebook, but they deleted it, and threatened to ban me. Now it's on Youtube, and they agreed to let it stay as long as an add for the song can appear on it... so if you are watching this in the future and the link doesn't work, it will likely be because they've changed their policy.

Note, the florescent vests we are wearing are from the school. They were always trying to get us to where them whenever we went out on the road at night, and we thought it looked so dumb we started joking that we might as well take our shirts off and walk into a bar wearing just the vests. We didn't but, they video is sort of a joke on it.

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Tai Sophia said...

Wow...he actually ate the dandelion. Wow.
I think that was my favorite part.