Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hay Rides, Bonfires, Corn Mazes and Slamming a Deer With Your Car

It has been a beautiful Fall this year. Aside from a freak snow storm that left everything covered in three inches of whiteness, we were able to observe the changing colors in glorious sunny weather. It's just about over now, but here is a picture I took on a walk with my Mom last week:

Last weekend, I did all sorts of "autumnal" things, from going up to the Finger Lakes region with my friends and cousin to do a corn maze, to a late night hay ride with friends from the home fellowship we attend occasionally. After the hay ride there was a big bonfire, and we drank tea and hot coco... so that was really chill. Here is Chandra and the fire:

On the way back from the Markell's who hosted the event, I culminated the Fall experience by hitting a deer (well, actually it's debatable who hit who, I would tend to think the deer hit me). I swerved and managed to slow down to the low twenties before impact and got of with only a small dent in my fender.

As I mentioned before, it snowed a couple days ago, which is unusual. Typically that doesn't happen till at least a couple weeks after the leaves are gone. Some are taking this as a sign that the predictions this winter will be an epic one are true. I'll just wait and see though.

Two of my cousins, Daniel and Anna, that I helped move to Florida a couple months ago are up visiting for the weekend. Tomorrow I'll go hunting with Daniel. I'm exited now, because I just looked at my PA Hunting Trapping Digest, and ruff-necked-grouse season just opened. I've always wanted to get a grouse, but they are tricky birds. They are almost invisible when still, and when they take off all of a sudden, it sounds like a plane flying past you, and you have about two seconds to shoot at them before they are gone. If anything interesting happens I'll post about it.

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