Monday, September 21, 2009

A Good Day + Boring Monologue for the Sake of My Own Thought Process

School went very well today, and I think it's probably the first really 'good' day I've had so far this semester... which is kind of sad considering that it's now the 4th week. I actually made it to Social Research on time today (it only meets once a week, and up until now, I had delayed in getting there to an embarrassing time).

Comp also went well. I was really kind of upset last week when my Comp 1 professor decided to make my paper the first one to be critiqued by the class... especially considering that the topic we had to write on was "Most Memorable Learning Experience" and I probably disclosed more personal information than I normally ever do in a paper. Most of the people I ended up talking to today was impressed by it though, so I guess it was okay. Today we had to turn in four rough drafts that we had written on different essays last week, along with one essay that was made out of the one draft that we felt we had done the best one. I had chosen Shooting An Elephant by George Orwell, and ended up being paired with a girl named Kelly, who had also, out of the dozens and dozens of essays in our textbook, chosen Shooting An Elephant. So it was interesting to do a critique on an essay on the same topic you had just written about.

Social Research went well, as I said, although I found out that me and several other people misunderstood the schedule and ended up doing this weeks assignment last week... which I suppose is much better than having done last weeks assignment this week, but still kind of strange. I looks as though I will be redoing our first assignment though, as I got the grade today, and got 12 out of 15 on it, for reasons that I do not understand. So I plan on going to talk to Dr. Purk tomorrow before going to study with Lisa, a friend of my parents (and me) who happened to end up in class with me. Your allowed to resubmit stuff, so it shouldn't be an issue, the problem is just that I have no idea what to do differently, so hopefully I'll be able to talk to her.

I've been reading quite a bit lately for school... mostly my Mesoamerican Anthropology class... it has a pretty intense load (about 200 pages a week) but it's interesting, so I try to keep up with it... which is more than I can say for either of my sociology classes... the text books are just ridiculously boring... and coming from someone who can write a blog post this boring, that's saying something.

I've also been rereading a book by C.S. Lewis, Till We Have Faces. My Mom read it to me when I was 12 or 13... and it's always been one of my favorites since. I know however that a lot of it was over my head at that time, and I'm having trouble remembering what the final conclusion of Orual's complaint against the Gods was (I recall that she withdrew it, but can't quite remember why) it's a very good, if sad book about the human condition... and suffering, plus it's a retelling of an ancient Greek myth about Cupid and Psyche... so if your into that sort of thing.

I've been looking a bit at Universities. Since Mansfield is unlikely to take my credits from last semester now, I should probably look for one that will. More than that though, I just kind of feel the need (again) to be somewhere else right now.... I've never enjoyed college the way that it's been and it seems like it just gets harder and more depressing every semester in a lot of ways. So I've been looking at Liberty University and Bryan College... I know both of them would accept my credits. Liberty has a World History/Archaeology program that I would be interested in. On the downside, I only really know one student there, and none of the faculty. At Bryan on the other hand, I have more friends than I do at Mansfield (a lot more) and I even know some of the faculty as well, which never hurts. Unfortunately, they don't have any programs that would relate very well to what I'm doing now. If I go went there, I'd probably end up switching to communications/journalism. It's also in Tennessee... so lets just say my commute would be a little longer than it is now. Lately I've also looked at this place called North Park University in Chicago. They have a number of very specific global studies programs that would mesh with my Anthro interest very well... and be even more in my area of interest than what I'm doing here. The other thing is the location. Liberty and Bryan are both in kind of nowhere locations (not unlike Mansfield - except of course that Liberty is about 10 times bigger than the town of Mansfield itself) way down South. Chicago on the other hand seems like it would be a much more interesting place to go. I even have a friend or two there at Moody Bible Institute. But North Park doesn't have an established relationship with SBI (unlike Liberty or Bryan), and so, they may possibly be no more interested in accepting my transcript than Mansfield is. So then it wouldn't really make sense from a pragmatic standpoint.

So I don't know. I feel like whatever I do at this point, I'm bound to end up stabbing someone in the back. If I think about it, it was all part of the plan really... well no, not really a plan... but shall we say, the agenda that I talked about with my parents before I started at Mansfield: that I might only go there for the first two years or so and get some of the basic gen ed junk out out of the way... but somehow it seems harder than that... so I suppose I'll just have to keep thinking and praying about it... anyhow... that's part of what I'm doing I guess by posting it here... I want to keep thinking about it now, early on in the semester, before I get overly involved and stressed out with school and then find out that it's December and I have five days to submit an application for anywhere.... I've been typing all day almost all day long. My fingers are starting to hurt.

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