Wednesday, September 09, 2009

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I had recently decided that I was using the blog far to much to vent about my problems in a very self centered way, and should probably cut back. The last two weeks have been very little but big problems, thus my brief hiatus from blogging. A lot has actually happened though, so, with a hopefully minimal amount introspection or desperation, here is an update:

My Dad lost his voice, and ability to eat solid food. They still aren't sure what it is, but the are thinking some kind of either stress related or neurological event. What they do know is one side of his throat is completely paralyzed. He has thus been in and out of Geisinger Hospital all week.

My credits didn't transfer. I went to the admissions office again, gave a little presentation on my computer (they were unimpressed), cried (they were unmoved) and finally told them that I would have to transfer if they refused to take any of them (they said I could go and do that, but under no circumstances would they even look at my transcript).

I came home and our rental property had three or four acres of lawn that hadn't been mowed in about a month. After almost breaking the mower, the grass clippings were so thick that they threatened to kill all of the vegetation, and I ended up having to hand rake much of it and drag the clippings away on a tarp.

I spent most of labor day weekend bordering on a nervous breakdown, and ultimately wishing I could have one so that I could just go to a quiet room in some institution and take all kinds of way-cool mind altering drugs for the rest of the semester. It didn't happen though, unfortunately.

The night after my bad day with the admissions office though, when I was at about the lowest point, something good did happened. I got a message from a friend from my semester in Italy. We had kept in touch a little over the summer, but never much more than a sort "hi, how's your summer going" sort of dialogue. She said that she had been praying and ended up feeling the urge to send me a message to encourage me and wonder if everything was ok. I think that was the greatest thing that has happened to me in a long time... and while I was still depressed for a while, and nothing has really changed, I think I know that somebody still has some kind of plan for me that involves more than all of this stuff.

Most of my classes have been going well so far. I really enjoy one, and the rest are tolerable so far. I was real exited last week when I was able to add Intro to Theater last week, but after attending the first class, which mostly consisted of listening to the professor swear, talking about drinking, and generally insult as as groups and individuals at every possible chance, I decided to drop the class.

I'm only taking 13 credits now, and I honestly don't know if I'll be staying at Mansfield past this semester, after the issue with the transcript from SBI. It would, as I told, diplomatically, the admissions lady, make more sense for me to go to one of the four or five Universities, more prestigious than Mansfield I might add, who would accept my credits from SBI. It pains me though, as I've just recently began to feel at home in the department and understand how everything works. And even harder than the decision itself is having to stay here and maintain my perfect GPA for the next three months not knowing if I'll even be here after Christmas break. I haven't told any of my friends in my department yet, and am honestly kind of dreading it.

So, problems, problems, problems, I'm sorry if your reading this... but I felt like posting, and it's all what's been on my mind lately. I have had some fun editing travel video a little bit and putting it on my YouTube Channel . I discovered how to export the them fro iMovie 08 in their original HD quality... and since HD is like the way to roll these days, I felt like I had to upload them, even though it three to four hours a pop. If your interested, feel free to check them out.

Tomorrow is the Organizational Fair for all of the different clubs and student bodies at Mansfield and I need to help two of them out, which could be interesting. The Navigators meets for the first time tomorrow night, and I'm playing on the worship team, which I always enjoy (for the most part anyhow.

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