Saturday, September 26, 2009

and I was the entire audience....

Yesterday, after seeing the Australian folk music band, The CRAGGs, play at Jazzman's cafe, I had the bright idea to invite the only two Australians I knew to see their second performance. I knew from several past events that they enjoyed folk and bluegrass music, and thought they might enjoy it, so I phoned them up. As it turned out, they didn't have anything going on, and agreed to come immediately.

The show was at the Hut, a strange sort of building perched high on the side of the hill that is the MU campus. I had never been there before actually, and so didn't know quite what to expect. When I arrived, Gene and Trisha were already there, along with an odd five or so students who looked like they were there more because it's where the usually hang out than because they were expecting to see a concert. The show started though... and what followed was probably one of the most disorganized, under publicized events that I've ever seen.

There was no seating set up down on the floor where the stage was, so everyone was up in the club area, which juts off of the concert hall at a 90° angle. So when the band played they were essentially looking into a completely empty room. Eventually one of the organizers pulled out a few plastic chairs and we moved down stairs into a corner of the hall... but no one followed us, so we ended up being the only people really watching the performance for it's 2 hour duration. It was one of the more awkward experiences I have had lately.

It's understandable that we were the only people there though. The concert had no advertising save for a few announcements buried in the daily email sent out to students, and even they stopped two days before the date. Second, it was late on a Friday night, which means that any students who live within a hundred miles of the University were on there way home. Worst of all, it was the night of the 1890's festival in historic downtown Mansfield, which is the biggest event of the year there. So, all this to say, who ever coordinates student activities here needs to be fired.


sherlock said...

Wow. That sounds extremely gauche.

josiah said...

ha ha ha ha.
Welcome to the vocabulary revolution then.