Saturday, August 08, 2009

Moving the Efthimious to Sarasota.

I'm in Sarasota Florida now, at the house that my cousins are renting until until they are able to find a more permanent house. We made the trip down in two and a half days, involving 2 hotel stops, which I thought were a bit excessive, although when traveling with a family of nine children, many of them very young, I think we were blessed to make it in as little time as we did. The trucks also were very slow: it was hard to get them past 55, and the were governed not to go past 70.

We arrived in the rain on Thursday and spent most of the time since then unpacking. The house has a pool, and so we were able to swim also. The development is lain out around several ponds, and they are stocked with fish, so this morning we went fishing. I caught two talapia, one of which was almost 15 inches long.

I spent most of the time on the way down riding with Joe, who I enjoy talking to, and am going to drive back up with him. We were originally planning on not leaving until Tuesday or so, but, after seeing that all we could do to help would be over with soon, and beginning to tire of some of the drama that has accompanied the situation, we decided to up the date to Monday at the latest, if not tomorrow.

We may stop on the way back to visit my cousins in Tallahassee, but other than that, intend to make a more or less non stop shot back up the eastern sea board.


sherlock said...

Dude! Come see me next time your down here. We still have to alligator wrestle!

Secondly, I hope your drama-queen cousins don't read your blog. ha ha =P

Andrew said...

haha, would love to meet you again sometime. I will probably be down here more often since I have two sets of cousins here now.

Yeah... I'm pretty sure the don't read my blog, I don't think too many people do, lol