Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've had a pretty bad cold the last couple of days, along with almost everyone else in my family.

I've continued reading Oh Pure and Radiant Heart, which has dried out now (see my last post) and it is quite good... very thought provoking, and somewhat disturbing at points (though not as disturbing as most of the books I've read this summer.

Speaking of books, I went to Mansfield today to buy my books. I think I managed to get all that I would need right away, which was good. I spent more than $300, which isn't good. It could be worse I suppose though. I talked to a friend from my first semester at Mansfield, and she spent about $600!

I also paid a visit to a woman in admissions to try and wrap up everything with the transfer of my credits from last semester at SBI. She was nice, and they had received my transcript, but beyond that, it didn't go well. I will have to argue with them now unfortunately.

This is my 333th post... it's crazy how long I've been blogging... and how blogging itself is almost viewed as dated or oldschool as a form of online communication. I like it though.

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