Monday, August 31, 2009

The Details of a Loop

I just got done with my first day of classes. I'm really kind of amazed how tired I am, despite only having two classes today. In reality, I suppose it was more like four classes, since one of them is two hours and forty-five minutes long, and is equivalent to having three classes over the course of a week (a concept that I like). The day started at 2:30 with Composition 1, and then commenced (or should have) at 4:00 with Social Research Design and Methods (the really long one). I unfortunately got confused and ended up showing up at Research fifteen minutes late. That class sounds like it's going to be a great deal of work. I think it's actually teaching me something useful though, and as it turns out, I have two friends in it, which is always nice, and may (hopefully) make some of the assignments and bit easier. The class has about twenty people, of which I am the only guy, and also the only non social work major.

I was able to register for Intro the Theater which will meet on Tuesday night, and will meet an art requirement that I have to get out of the way. The downside of that is I will be gone every single evening until Friday, so, even though I live next door to my family, I may end up hardly seeing them over the next three months. The upside of it is that I have no early morning classes, which I have always had in the past and hate, and no classes at all on Friday, giving me a three day weekend (which is really exiting). I'm interested in joining the Kendo club on campus, which I just found out is led by my adviser, Dr. Clark (the guy is full of surprises). The only thing about that is that with my new class on Tuesday night, I can't hope to make much of the clubs meeting on Tuesday, leaving Friday as the only other option... the day on which I was hoping to avoid Mansfield all day long. Anyhow, we shall see how it all goes.

It's been just a small wonder to me, for the last couple days, how I ended up right back here, were I was a year ago at this time. After everything I did last semester, I somehow figured (and hoped) I would find something completely different to do... whether it was working for ThisWarmHouse full time, or going to Bryan College with all my friends from SBI, or something that I couldn't even imagine at the time.... Somehow though, it seems like I just made something of a loop... and ended up back where I was before, albeit, with a different perspective. I may also be a bit wiser, and perhaps (and I've kind of been hoping) have a bit more passion for life than before.... I still was unable (for the moment at least) to over come the forces of gravity and inertia and land in a different environment... which, looking at it this evening, seems just a little bit depressing. I'm not really sure why I want change.... I suppose everyone does (our current president was apparently elected on the platform), but I seem to have developed a craving for it that I didn't have before... a desire for a change of place, and of pace and of faces... maybe that in itself is something that has changed in me... and maybe, because of that, it isn't a lost cause after all. That's what I'll hope at least... and for now, I should probably try to make the most of my current circumstances.

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