Monday, August 03, 2009

All or Nothing

For the last month I have had almost nothing at all to do. Now, in just the space of a few days I've been faced with so much going on that I'm having to juggle to fit it all in.

I've been planning to meet with Jonathan, a friend of mine (and follower of this blog : ) this week for a long time. He lives in Virginia and only comes up this way when visiting some family members. We were going to meet this Wednesday, and I was really pretty exited about it. Then, last Friday night, I was at my Grandparents house at a going away party for some of my cousins who are moving to Florida. My Uncle asked me to come along on the trip and help unpack at there new house (they have tons of help packing up here, but don't know nearly as many people in Sarasota) He even offered to fly me home if I couldn't find another way back. So, a few of my friends were also going along (meaning almost all of them) are going as well, and it sounded like a good idea, but you see my frustration: there were about five weeks so far this summer when I could have done something like this without having to rearrange or say no to anything, and then, the one week when I'm planning something, it happens. Seems like it's always been my lot in life though... if I ever planned to go on a trip with my church or anything, it always coincided with the week my family picked to go on vacation or something like that....

This time however, it seems to have worked out pretty well. I talked to Jonathan, and he and his family generously rearranged there plans to meet me tomorrow instead of Wednesday... so if all goes well, I will meet him in the morning, have lunch, hang out for a bit of the afternoon, and then get picked up by my cousins moving convoy as it goes past Mansfield around 2:30 or so.... so it should all work.



han said...

does this mean you're going to be in my area?


sherlock said...

Isn't that how life is?

dams said...

haven't been on the blogs in a while. i love the new photo and all. very cool.
tokyo police club? holla.