Saturday, July 18, 2009

Obese People In Their Underpants and Other Dangers Associated With Mountain Biking

I've been running a lot lately. I went out almost everyday this week, and only took yesterday off because my ligaments and tendons were starting to get sore. It was also probably from mountain biking with my Mom, which I did twice this week in addition to running.

It had probably been two or three years since I had been biking (well, I did do it some in Italy, but it was all flat paved roads there, and the bikes were a joke) so it took me a little while to get used to it again... but they say that you never forget how to ride a bike... and I guess they were right.

One of our chief concerns while biking was dogs, as many people around here keep big, vicious dogs, often without bothering to keep them tied up or behind a fence (my uncle and cousin were both attacked, and my cousin gored by one while biking, and I've been chased while I was running before) We didn't see any though, until we were a little more than half way through, on a road we had never taken before. We were going up hills, and I usually go faster than my Mom on those, so I was about a hundred yards ahead of her. This little dog, about the size of Toto, starts chasing me. He keeps chasing, and chasing, until I wonder if he is going to follow me all the way home. He might have if someone from the house hadn't called him back. But that was the real surprise, because the guy who called him back, according to my Mom who was unfortunate enough to be riding by just then, was this the 300+ pound guy in his underpants (with holes in them no less) walking out in the yard with a bag of trash... my Mom, was understandably shocked by it, and rode on by as fast as she could. Aside from that however, the biking went rather smoothly.

Tomorrow we are going to NYC to meet our Uncle Eric and his family, who I haven't seen in several years. I've never really been to NYC before, aside from driving past it to get to JFK International, so I look forward to seeing it too.

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