Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bug Eyed

I've spent some time in the woods and have taken close up photos lately of insects and things. Here are a few of them:


josiah said...

Cool beans!

I am now following up your comment on my blog. . .

What has made you cynical towards the church going? How does this affect your relationship with God? etc.
(if I'm being rude just feel free to tell me off)

As far as depression is concerned, mine is completely unrelated to driving. So there is little relief in sight.

han said...

oooo, bug pictures. I have some neat ones of a praying mantis. A baby one, too.

i agree with you that America is overdrugged. Part of it is because of the doctors being afraid they'll get sued, I'm sure. Goes back to the silly legal system again. I'm not sure that rationing is the answer. It could get really messy, and I'm sure they'll put another agency in place to regulate it. Oh joy. More government.

It seems like all governments have an expiration date, and once they pass it they have to be completely overhauled. I wonder when that will happen for the U.S.


josiah said...

I miss your posts!



*i normally don't put actions between astericks**