Monday, June 08, 2009

Bored to the Point of Video Editing

Last Friday I worked in Corning helping a lady move. She had a great big house filled with solid oak furniture. To make matters harder, one of the guys that was supposed to help us didn't show, so it ended up being just one other guy and I moving everything in the whole place into the truck. She was nice though, and paid very well, so it was worth it.

I've just gotten bored enough to begin video editing and have started to fulfill some overdue promises to post stuff (evil of evils!) on Facebook. Fortunately, facebook allows you to embed videos on other sites, so I'm posting some here:

and another....

- Drew


han said...

Thanks. Those give me more of an idea about where you were and what you did.


Josiah said...

Shame on you. Secret camera and all.

I enjoyed watching these.

damaris said...

thanks! i talked to alyssa romanacee's so wierd that you guys know eachother. she asked how you were so i said you were re-adjusting to life in the states.