Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring Again

It's Spring again... the second time for me this year, as San Lorenzo was about three weeks ahead of Coryland weather wise. The leaves are on just about all the trees now, and they are still that bright green shade that is hard to really describe well.

We went to a barn dance the other night, which was fun. There I saw some of my old friends/acquaintances for the first time since I returned. Last night I went to a bible study at Dunkin Donuts in Wellsboro with two of them, and, after attempting to focus on 1 John for about an hour, ended up walking over the the theater and watching the new Star Trek movie. I've never really been much of a Treky, but I thought it was alright. It was cool how they hearkened back to the original series, and even had the original Spock in it so much.

I had been doing pretty well staying busy and not getting depressed since I was back, but I'm afraid it's starting to catch up to me, as it always seems to unfortunately. I think to much here, (at least I think) and don't really have anyone to force on to other subjects when it's needed....

I've been reading The Yiddish Policemen's Union, by Michael Chabon, which is a remarkably gritty, raucous, and depressing book about a murder mystery in Sitka Alaska: a city that doesn't exist (at least not as it's portrayed in the book). It's supposed to be what the world would be like if after WWII, the Jews had been given land in North America instead of Israel. So far however, I probably wouldn't recommend it, and don't like it nearly as much as Mr. Chabon's last novel that I read: Gentlemen of the Road, which I would highly recommend.


han said...

oh, the bitter-sweetness of life.

Colossians 3:2


joe said...

Agh. My friends keep going to see things without me. So at this rate I'll be trekking (ha ha) to the dollar theatre.

Depression hurts, Cymbalta didn't help.
(I'm not sure if you get those commercials where you live, but down here it plays all the time)