Sunday, April 26, 2009

All My Friends

Well, this is just about it. I spent the day in Venice with my parents and am back at school in San Lorenzo now. In about three hours I'll be leaving for my parents hotel, and then, early tomorrow, for the airport to fly back to the States via Venice, Paris, NYC.

Last night we had official graduation, and it was really fun. Chad, Connor and I made this ridiculous music video, and then Jonathan, Pete, Chad and I performed Titanic... with no serious practice before hand I might add. It was fun for my parents to meet everyone after all this time, and they even met some people who turned out to be friends of friends (the Walties).

So, I'm not that happy about leaving all my friends here. It will be good to be back in the states again, for a while at least, but I will miss being able to travel in Europe... and most of all my friends....

This may be my last time blogging from Italy (for the present time). So here's to the last 80 some days, all the places I've gone, and all the great people I met here and along the way!

Ci vediamo.

- Andrew

1 comment:

josiah said...

That is the saddest post I have ever read. Ever.

**"wah" stretched out**

On the brightside, there's facebook and planes to help out with reunions.