Saturday, March 28, 2009

No Borders

We made it. Walk, train, bus, plane, another plane, bus, another bus and a walk later, I am sitting in a hostel in Athens Greece. It is definitely early to make a judgment, but I have to say that I like Greece a lot. Our plane came over Greece at about 6:00 PM, and the coast and everything beyond was bathed in this golden evening light. The hills were chaparral all the way up to the ocean, and even out into it on some islands, which was very striking. We landed and walked right out onto the street. It blows my mind that you can travel from Ireland to Turkey without a passport... it really does... and just think... if I weren't telling you all that I'm here right now... no one would know... not even the State Department.

Tonight we got kebabs, and I ate for 2.20€. Now, the sad fact of the matter, is that in Italy, that wouldn't have bought me a bread crust... so I'm definitely happy with the concept of cheap stuff... it will be a nice break.

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