Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rome - Pt. I - Roman Ruins: The Colosseum

The second stop on our trip for fine arts class was Rome. It was amazing! I saw so many things that I had dreamed of since I was little like the Colosseum.

The inside used to have a floor over those walls and columns you can see sticking up. They kind of reconstructed it over at the far end there:

Here is myself:

A similar view without me:

Here is down on the ground level near the entry way:

I played soccer today with about twenty other people for a couple hours - I forgot how much I enjoy playing soccer... it ended for me when I decided to play goalie (which has historically ended in my getting hurt) when I got kicked in the shin really hard. I didn't realize how bad it was for a few minutes when it didn't stop hurting. I looked down and there was the most massive goose bump I've ever had on my body in the middle of my right shin... so I walked back and put some ice on it. Now I can hardly walk....
The new prof. arrived last night and spoke this morning at chapel. He is really cool. He is from South Africa, and it's a joke that now he's African American, even though he's white. I went out for coffee with him at Martins with a few friends and he basically asked for our input on how we would like the course to be. He sermon this morning was amazing, so I'm really looking forward to his lectures. This is good, because if my leg doesn't improve significantly, I may not be able to do much else for a while.

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