Friday, March 27, 2009

Checking the Charts

Well, I handed in my final paper to Professor Palmer this evening after supper. I think I'm really going to miss him, which is not something I say about many profs. but it's true. He was great to listen to, very profound, yet soft spoken, with a very interesting accent that's somewhere in between British and Australian and American, and turns out to be none of the above, as Palmer is South African. We actually watched a lot of movies in his class, and I don't think I've ever learned as much from movies before. But anyhow, that's that.

I'm packing for Greece right now. Tomorrow morning, God willing, I will get up at five (or rather Yontz will wake me up at five) go meet Katy, Katy, Claire, Stephani and Lauren. We will walk two miles into Casarsa, ride an hour and half by train to Venice Marco Polo Airport, fly to Leonardo da Vince airport in Rome and from Rome to Eleftherios Airport in Athens. We have a hostel reserved for two nights in Athens, were we will kick around the Parthenon and the Aeropagus and museums and things. From there, it's not quite as set in stone, but we hope to take a ferry out to Naxos in the Greek Isles, where we also have a hostel booked, but we are only out 15 € if we can't actually find a ferry to get there... so... you will have to watch Moon Spinners.

So, if could pray it all goes well, it would be nice.



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sherlock said...

Oi, I'm embarassed to know what Moon Spinners is.

Keep us posted.