Sunday, March 15, 2009

Can you find Gollum in this picture?

This coming week is travel week for Fine Arts Class. At five-thirty tomorrow morning we leave by bus for Florence for a day and then Rome for two days. We will be back here on Thursday, and then off to Venice on Friday. With all this coming up, I decided to hang back close to home base this weekend (not to mention it saves money, and all the travel coming up this week will be paid for already : ). Yesterday I took a train just a few miles South to a town called Sacile with Jonathan. It's a place were people from Venice used to go for Vacation or to escape the plague. I guess they wouldn't feel at home without some canals though, so they have some. Challenge: can you find Gollum in this picture (click to enlarge it):

Today I went for a run with Cate, who is a little girl from Montanna who eats prodigiuos amounts are fruit, and very little else. I kept up, but just barely! We went for about forty-five minutes and I think it was the farthest I've run since last summer.


Anonymous said...

That is a really pretty picture. (despite gollum being in it :)

Anonymous said...

no. i'm blind.

i don't really know the Walty's as much as I know of them but I do know Alyssa R pretty well. We share an affinity for the same mint orbit gum. haha.

sherlock said...

no. i am also afflicted with eye problems that prevent me from seein little gray dudes