Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bologna - The City of Too Many Steps

Last week we wrapped up New Testament Literature and Interpretation with Dr. Legg and have now started Fine Arts with Dr. Wilhoit. This class is going to run for two weeks, the first of which will be just lectures and things. The second week though, we are going to travel through several of the major cities in Italy including Florence and Rome, which I am looking forward to a lot.

Last evening I booked flights for Dublin the last weekend I'm here. It's just before my parents hope to come, so it was good timing. I found out since then that Pete and some other people were planning on going to a concert that weekend, so I was kind of disappointed about that, but no one told me, where the people going to Ireland let me know about it several times. I think I will prefer Ireland to Bob Dylan though anyhow.

I've begun to realize that I haven't actually been writing much on here... mostly just posting photos and things. Photos are ok... but I think I'm going to try to actually say a little more about what is happening.

I'm spending way too much money. Large, obscene, ridiculous amounts of money... and I'm not really doing anything crazy either, just riding the train on weekends and buying a little food here and there... everything is expensive because of the exchange rate though. I was expecting to spend a lot though... so I guess that's ok. I was debating about whether it was worth it for instance, to buy plane tickets to Ireland. Round trip was about $150, and I wondered if it was worth it. Afterwords I was thinking though, when I'm back in the states this summer, if I had a chance to go to Ireland for the weekend for that much, wouldn't I do it? Certainly.

I have a cold now... mostly just a soar throat and general tiredness. Hopefully it won't turn into anything else though. Here are some pictures from this past weekend in Bologna. We saw a soccer game, climbed a really tall tower, and a about two and a half miles of steps up to San Luko. I decided to call it the weekend of steps.

Check this out, I love these things, and they are everywhere over here:

Here is Bologna, as seen from the top of the tower in the picture below:

Climbing up to the tower - there must have been about fifty flights of these ancient looking wooden stairs:

Here is the tower from the ground: This is the Asinelli tower, named after the family who took up ownership of it. There are about 10 of these around the city, sometimes reffered to as the private towers, because they were not built by any government or army. It was apparently more like some neigbors got together one day and said: "I think we need a tower."

We went to a soccer game between Bologna and Sampdoria. Bologna won 3/0. Check out this block by the Sampdorian golie though:

The crowed was pretty into it:

Here is a view of San Luko's: You can start to see the hills just beyond it. The land on one side, where Bologna is located, is completely flat (thus why they built towers I suppose) but just on the other side is turns into these beautiful hills. I miss the hills a bit.


Rebecca said...

WOW! That IS a massive amount of steps to climb-you are now officially The Stairmaster! Great pics of everything.

Anonymous said...

Dude! These posts are awesome!

Anonymous said...

yeah, $150 for a weekend in Ireland is definantly worth it.
skip meals if you have to, but dont' miss Ireland!

so says the irish girl.