Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What Are The Italians Up To?

These are out in the vineyards about half a mile from the school. I don't know what they are, but am assuming they are something from the cold war. At first we thought it was an active military base, but after finally getting the confidence to go up close to the fence I found that it was pretty deserted looking.

Here is the drain that our soccer ball went down... never to be seen again.

Here is a meter of pizza at a restaurant in Udine where we were waited on by who must have been the craziest waiter ever... Bryan (eating pizza) was livid and had to be restrained from killing him:


mattea kiriel said...

Wow! What did the waiter do? Tell us more or we can skype about it

mattea kiriel said...

How much did that big pizza cost? Looks great!

mattea kiriel said...

STAY AWAY from the buildings-DON'T go after the soccer ball!!! lol-We will try to find the buildings on google earth if you send us the coordinates-does anyone have a GPS?-mom (1st part)Dad(2nd part)

Andrew said...

Why stay away from buildings?

The waiter was just acting really weird. He had a sense of humor that you might liken to an Italian Todd.

I don't know if anyone has the coordinates.

sherlock said...

I love the family conversations going on in the comments. Ha ha ha

Your probably sick of hearing this, but your trip looks like it's awesome. That pizza is... (googles synonym for big) capacious? Colossal. It is Colossal. -ly Enormous.

Just looked at Venice pics. Sweet...