Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gorizia - Castello's, Catapults & Slovenia

Yesterday we went to Gorizia, a border town between Italy and Slovenia. The city is famous for it's castle, as well as it's extensive military history. It was the sight of major fighting in the first world war, and was mentioned for the first time in a document dated 1001 AD.

Borgo Castello:

There were these interested sundials all over the ramparts:

Heather and I went into the music room in the Castle. Here she is painstakingly deciphering the words in German. Afterwords, we found out that it was written in English on the other side....

Weapons in the Armory:

My favorite part - the massive siege weapons:

We hiked across the border into Slovenia, drank coffee, took a picture, and hiked back into Italy.

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Anonymous said...

i'm not jealous, i'm not jealous, i'm not jealous...

seriously now. i'm happy for you. what an awesome experiance!!