Saturday, February 14, 2009

Verona - The City of Romeo and Juliet

I didn't get to go to Austria this past week due to a train being ten minutes late, which caused us to miss our connection. After not being able to buy tickets we hopped a train and five hours later that night ended up in Venice in the most expensive room of one of the cities best hotels, but that is a long, stressful story that I don't feel like writing about....

Today was Valentines Day we went on our scheduled trip to Verona - home of Romeo and Juliet. That was cool, as long as you don't have a problem with big red hearts, strawberries, chocolate and lot's of couples going at it like you could never get away with back in the US...

A Colosseum:

Valentine's decorations:

Nicole, Bryan, Mary and me; we decided to get out of the town and walk up the side of a big hill that had a Catholic Shrine on top and a stunning view of Verona and the Alps.

Here is a Castle as seen from the Shrine:

A view of Verona:

Mary and Bryan after a long hike to the top:

Here is the Shrine: The last picture was taken on that platform that the building rests on.

Here is another view of Verona:

At the Castle....

Back down and the city, there was lots of pageantry going on:

Here is Dante, who was at the center of the festivities:

The streets at night:

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Anonymous said...

This looks so cool! I'm glad your having a good time.