Saturday, February 21, 2009

Carnevale in Venice

Today was Carnevale in Venice. It's basically the Italian equivalent of Mardi Gras, only with slightly more emphasis on history, and slightly less emphasis on drinking and nudity.

Connor and I:

Ryan, Connor, Loren and I:

We got to see the sunset over Venice for the first time (that we were there at least):

A sailing ship:

I thought this was rather dramatic:

Parents here seem to dress their kids up in costumes a lot here... even when it's not a festive occasion:

"The quintessential Italian street."

All for now.



mattea kiriel said...

Very nice-more quintessentials please. The laundry was especially interesting (we thought).

Rebecca said...

The sunset was beautiful!

Tai Sophia said...

Sweet! I haven't been on your blog in forever. I guess I'll have to catch up.