Monday, January 19, 2009

Ice and Fire

Sorry for not posting about much of anything for a while... I guess I've been a bit lazy. I am getting ready for my trip though... getting the last things that I need to pack and working on Italian (though not as much as I feel like I should... so that's mostly what I've doing today :)

My Dad and all of us have been going through a really rough time with the business... there are a lot of people who owe us a lot of money who aren't paying it. There are also a lot of people who we owe a lot of money who we can't pay because of it. We didn't even pay the heating bill for a while, and it got cold in hear, but they came up with some money and were able to fill the tank this morning... so now they have the heat turned way up and it's really hot in hear : (

It's been cold out the last week or so... sub zero cold much of the time.

At this point it doesn't look like my parents will be flying to Italy with me like the planned. I don't really mind going alone, as it's a non stop flight and I know who I'm meeting as soon as I get to the airport, but it's unfortunate that they have to stay for this reason... they should be able to change the dates on the tickets so they might be able to come over when I have to leave this spring... so that would be nice.

So if you could pray for my Dad's business I would really appreciate it.

What do you all think of the inauguration and the parallels they are drawing to MLKjr. in the news (as least on CNN... the only news we get out hear)? It's something how happy everyone seems about it.



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overthinker said...

aww i'm sorry your parents can't go. :( my family could relate to work problems! i'll pray for your business.

to be honest, i forgot it was inauguration day. my radiator exploding as i was driving down the highway was way more on my mind. haha/