Friday, October 10, 2008

Saints Bible Institute

Ok, Saints Bible Institute is a Bible School in San Lorenzo, which is in North Eastern Italy. It was started by the Moody Bible Institute as a mission outreach.

I had been wanting to travel... soon... and my Mon read about this in a magazine with a list of other schools. It sounded cool, and so I applied (I think I actually posted a little blurb about it on here, but nothing much). It took me a long time to get all the appropriate paper work together and I hit a minor road block or two, but in the end it worked.

So I will (God willing... more certainly than before, but still God willing) be going there this spring for almost three months. The way it works is like normal college throughout the week, and then on the weekends you have the option to travel around to different cities and historical and archaeological sites (I intend to do this as much as possible).

I'll be taking some theology or evangelism courses, as it is a Bible school after all, and also intro to Italian, and (a big reason this interested me) intercultural communication.

So that's really about all I know about it myself at this point... I haven't even told to many people about it yet... but I'm happy I got in, because as I was kind of alluding to before, I have been wanting to do something different for a while.


Unknown said...

that sounds like something my 12 yr old would love! He love Church History and culture and wants to be a pastor.


sherlock said...

that is teh uber awesomest thing ever! Wow, that was the worst sentence I ever dared type...

I think i'll go with you...