Monday, September 22, 2008

On the Fabrication of Dubious Correlations

Today I became the treasurer of the newly revamped Social Science Club. This was only it's second meeting, but we were already overdue to appoint officers. There were only six students there, so most people had to take something, and I was appointed treasurer as no one else would do it (apparently it had something to do with them saying that the treasurer is the only member of a club government who actually has to do anything). At any rate, I am the treasurer now. We spent most of the day planning events for the next couple of weeks, which led to fabricating a dubious correlation between Super Smash Brothers 3 and Sociology ; )

I'm happy that the club is going on though. It will be something of a Renaissance for it as it was just about dead by last year. So now we are all new officers, and hopefully it will be fun.

I got my score back from my first test today in Oral Comm; I got a 94, which is cool. I just finished my topic approval paper for my first speech in that class, I decided to do it on heating with wood, as I know a lot about that. I had considered doing it on Anthropology and saving the wood topic for later, but I couldn't figure out how I would narrow the topic down to something that would be acceptable for a five minute informative speech and still be interesting and not to technical (or require and insane amount of research on my part for that matter).

I have two more tests coming up this week. The first is in Sociology and the second in Math. I must say I am somewhat more nervous about the math one : 0. I know how to do most everything we've been taught so far, but I don't think we will be allowed to use calculators on the test, and some the more simple arithmetic things are what really slows me down for some reason. Math in general is one of major giants in my mind that I knew I would be facing, that I've never been able to beat before, and this is probably my last real chance.

My first paper for Medicine in Society got back to me this past Friday. Dr. Clark is the first professor I've had that I think really reads my papers and gives constructive criticism on them. I got an A-, but when I first opened it up I was worried because there were comments written on just about every other line. I actually prefer that though (so long as I still get a decent grade). I would rather get an A- with a lot of suggestions than one without any.

I got to watch the movie Sicko in Medicine in Society last week, and it was very good. It's a Michael Moore film, so I thought I would hate it, at least for what I had heard about him. I have to say I agreed with most of his points though, and the movie was very entertaining, whether you agree with his conclusions or not.

So that is my post for now I suppose.

- Andrew


Anonymous said...

Hey, Smash Bros 3 is an awesome game.... I just can't think of anything that pertains to Sociology.... yet.

Give me time.

Maybe i'll post on it...

like the alligators.

I just read that post. Oy, that was pretty awful. Most of my old posts were pretty appalling.

sherlock said...

Yes, I remember praying for you after reading your friendless-posts. It's funny how one feels comfortable sharing things like that on a blog, and sometiems less comfortable talking about face to face.

I just went to church last sunday, and stood there awkwardly trying to start a conversation with people I had until recently liked and been liked by. I just don't know what happens, but I'm taking it as God's cue to go back to the old high schooler group.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment. I have never really done this gardening thing before. It's kinda boring on it's own.