Sunday, August 24, 2008

V for....

I start back to school full time tomorrow. I'm pretty happy about going back, although a little apprehensive about the amount of homework I will be having. I'm also taking a math course and even though it's a pathetically easy one I've never really been able to succeed at a math class in my life, so I'm hoping that that is one more thing that will come more easily at college (coming at all would be an improvement), and so far most things have.

I'm kind of tired right now, because last night I stayed over at the Cornfields house. Delian and Josh and I went for a five mile run, during the course of which Josh (or Shwaa, as most people call him for some reason) introduced us to some of the marching chants they sing in the Air-Force (albeit slightly censored versions). Then we went out to see the Dark Night at a Drive in theater. It was my second time seeing it, and my first time ever at a drive in... so that was interesting. Then we came back, and stayed up talking until really early in the morning (Shwaa is writing a short, abstract story about furniture in a house... why I do not know.

The night before last I was up late too. I watched two movies actually, so this is really quite unusual for me, because I don't watch many movies, but the last two nights I have. The first I watched with my Mom (because its one of her favorites). It was Waking Ned Devine, which is an Irish film about the residents of a small sea side village who all play the lottery. One an old man in the village wins - and promptly dies of a heart attack. So the entire village ends up faking that he is still alive so they can collect the money. I didn't like it quite as much as I had hoped I would, but it was still good. Then I watched V for Vendetta (without my Mom, because she would have hated it). It was good. I liked the feeling of the movie a lot, and I actually agreed with some of the over arching ideas in it. The context however, struck me as somewhat offensive. It's basically a totalitarian state run by Christians where gays and Muslims fear for there lives. Now, lets think about that for a minute, in the movie, someone gets arrested for owning a Koran. In real life no one anywhere gets arrested for owning a Koran, there are on the other hand, hundreds, if not thousands of people who get arrested every year for owning a Bible. In the movie there was a totalitarian State run by Christians. In real life there are dozens of totalitarian states, but none of them are run by Christians, in fact, they all persecute Christians. As far as the Gay people getting in trouble with the government, the only place that happens today is in Muslim countries... which makes one wonder why the makers of the film, who were obviously pro-homosexual, went to such lengths to defend Islam. So, at any rate, I like the movie, I just disagreed with many points. As Evey and V (the hero's) both said however, sometimes "Artists use lies to show us truth." And perhaps there is some truth in that, as even though the context, as I said in more words, sucked, there were some ideas that came through or over the absurdity that I think I could actually agree with... although most of those things I think just about everyone already does agree with... so... I guess I would have to recommend V as a good movie, but not something to think to hard about....



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