Sunday, August 31, 2008

Geocaching with Uncle Eric

geo•cach•ing - The recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden object by means of GPS coordinates posted on a Web site.

My Uncle Eric came up from Florida on Friday to visit my Papa T because my Grandma is in the hospital (as she has been for some time). This afternoon we went to Corning to go get groceries and coffee and such. We had just come out of the Soulful (our favorite coffee shop) and were walking down the side walk when my Uncle (whom it turns out likes geocaching) started seeing objects on the GPS on his blackberry just a little way off from our location. We ended up spending most of the rest of that day Geocaching in Corning and back in Pennsylvania (who would have thought people hid that sort of thing near our house, actually we didn't find those, so we may never know). We found two in Corning, or rather Uncle Eric did. Here are some photos from the day:

Sunday, August 24, 2008

V for....

I start back to school full time tomorrow. I'm pretty happy about going back, although a little apprehensive about the amount of homework I will be having. I'm also taking a math course and even though it's a pathetically easy one I've never really been able to succeed at a math class in my life, so I'm hoping that that is one more thing that will come more easily at college (coming at all would be an improvement), and so far most things have.

I'm kind of tired right now, because last night I stayed over at the Cornfields house. Delian and Josh and I went for a five mile run, during the course of which Josh (or Shwaa, as most people call him for some reason) introduced us to some of the marching chants they sing in the Air-Force (albeit slightly censored versions). Then we went out to see the Dark Night at a Drive in theater. It was my second time seeing it, and my first time ever at a drive in... so that was interesting. Then we came back, and stayed up talking until really early in the morning (Shwaa is writing a short, abstract story about furniture in a house... why I do not know.

The night before last I was up late too. I watched two movies actually, so this is really quite unusual for me, because I don't watch many movies, but the last two nights I have. The first I watched with my Mom (because its one of her favorites). It was Waking Ned Devine, which is an Irish film about the residents of a small sea side village who all play the lottery. One an old man in the village wins - and promptly dies of a heart attack. So the entire village ends up faking that he is still alive so they can collect the money. I didn't like it quite as much as I had hoped I would, but it was still good. Then I watched V for Vendetta (without my Mom, because she would have hated it). It was good. I liked the feeling of the movie a lot, and I actually agreed with some of the over arching ideas in it. The context however, struck me as somewhat offensive. It's basically a totalitarian state run by Christians where gays and Muslims fear for there lives. Now, lets think about that for a minute, in the movie, someone gets arrested for owning a Koran. In real life no one anywhere gets arrested for owning a Koran, there are on the other hand, hundreds, if not thousands of people who get arrested every year for owning a Bible. In the movie there was a totalitarian State run by Christians. In real life there are dozens of totalitarian states, but none of them are run by Christians, in fact, they all persecute Christians. As far as the Gay people getting in trouble with the government, the only place that happens today is in Muslim countries... which makes one wonder why the makers of the film, who were obviously pro-homosexual, went to such lengths to defend Islam. So, at any rate, I like the movie, I just disagreed with many points. As Evey and V (the hero's) both said however, sometimes "Artists use lies to show us truth." And perhaps there is some truth in that, as even though the context, as I said in more words, sucked, there were some ideas that came through or over the absurdity that I think I could actually agree with... although most of those things I think just about everyone already does agree with... so... I guess I would have to recommend V as a good movie, but not something to think to hard about....



Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ker-splat - AG Progress Days 08

I'm in State College Pennsylvania right now selling at the Ag Show. Here is a video I took of a safty demo I watched.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The 3rd or so cousins I never knew I had

I had a really cool experience today. We went to a family reunion for some rather obscure relatives on my Moms side and I met a bunch of really cool cousins that I never knew I had (actually they were more like 2nd or 3rd cousins, but anyways....) It was up in Syracuse NY, and it was hosted by my Uncle Bob (whom I hadn't seen since I was little, as was true of most of the people there that I had ever seen at all).

Now, I was expecting it to be a bunch of older people, and a lot of them were, but what I didn't expect was that there were also some, not so older than me people there too. So I met Steve, Bill, Tom (whom a number of people said had a creepy resemblance to me) and Brooke (who has a creepy resemblance to Ann Hathaway). So, the kids of my Moms 2nd cousins... I'm not quite sure what relationship they officially have to me, but one thing is true, I look more like some of them than anyone in my direct extended family, which has always puzzled me (how I don't really look much like most of the people I'm related too) but maybe some of those genetics from this other side were expressed in me... so that was cool.

- Andrew

Thursday, August 07, 2008

"I can see it's head!"

This past weekend we went camping with the Spanos. It's been great to spend so much time with them in the past two weeks, as we used to hang out all the time, but have really hardly seen each other much in the last three years or so. We used to go camping at least once or twice every year in fact, but hadn't happened in a while. (perhaps since I started my blog. I will have to check that). We had a very good time throughout, but there usually is one moment or joke or event that seems to define the whole time and be the thing we remember it by even after we have forgotten what year it was and all that. So, since I actually have a back log of posts right now (I just got back from Empire Farm Days in NY, so I want to do one about that after this) I will just describe that one... shall we say... punchline, of the whole trip:

We were at the beach, I was in the water with Nicky and my Brother, and most of my other siblings as well. My parents and Nick and Sue were on the shore in the sun talking. Suddenly, this nine or ten year old kid starts saying in a shrill voice: "Help, there's something in my pants!" "Ouch! There's a bitey' thing in my pants" We all just kind of stared at him uncomfortably without saying anything thinking he was just making some kind of joke or something. But he kept on at it, and then runs up on the beach in from on everybody and starts hopping around shouting: "There's a fish in my pants!" clutch his leg and limping a bit. So some people started to shout out advice... I think most of us still thought he joking or being sick or something. Finally Nicky told him to start rolling up his swim suit, which he did, and then yells: "I can see it's head!" (at which point Nick just about fell over). Sure enough, a few seconds later this seven or so inch long perch drops out of his pants onto the beach! So everyone felt sort of bad for not believing him... but who had heard of a perch getting stuck in your swimsuit before? So that was our memorable moment, and below is the photo I took capturing the moment when he first got it out and picked it up:

We usually play telephone around the campfire after it gets dark, and that night I started it with "Help! Help! There's a bitey thing in my Pants!" That was not what it ended up as at the end of the line, but I'm afraid it would be inappropriate to write here.... Needless to say, I think I may have reevaluate my image if people who have known me about my whole life thought I said what it turned into... but anyhow... yeah.

Here is my Dad fishing, the fish stayed safely away from us (our poles and our pants) for the most part on that trip.

The tarp that Nick and I put up in the pouring rain. We decided that three years of not camping must have made us forget how to do things right, as he usually puts it up as soon as we arrive.

Here from left to right are Nick, My Dad, and Sue, who, in this photo are actually planning reservations for next year (we hadn't even left the campsite yet!):

Sanna checking out the ranger's wildlife exhibit:

So I have to do another post about Empire Farm Days... there is another funny story about fish that I may tell. If your reading this blog you will probably think I'm really into fishing or something... but I'm not at all really. It's just that there have been a lot of note-worthy coincidences... or sovereign evens, depending on your theological view point, lately involving fish.

Just a note for the future that perhaps nothing will come of, but I applied to the Saint's Bible Institute in Lorenzo Italy for the Spring 09 Semester. But I don't know if I'll be accepted, so I don't really want to say much about it right now.

God Bless,

- Andrew