Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Deep Ocean - Vast Sea - No Fish

Yesterday I did something I had never done before. We went deep sea fishing.

I week or so ago Nick Spano, and a friend of ours suggested that we do it, and it sounded rather crazy, so we went ahead with. Sunday evening we drove down to NJ and staid at a hotel from about 1:00AM to 4:30 AM. We then drove another hour to the ocean, ate breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, bought water and energy bars, and arrived at the dock. We had been worried that we had to make reservations or something, but as it turned out there was a whole line of boats and their captains competing to take us out, so we easily found the one we had been intending to go on, paid, and that was that. It was very foggy that morning as you can see in my first picture.

We left the dock at about 7:30. Everyone got sick except for me... which was strange because tend to get car sick... but apparently I was built for sea travel or something... I don't know... anyhow, after taking medicine, everyone but my sister Mattea recovered and after traveling about an hour out off the coast was able to begin fishing.

It was fun for the first half hour or so... but as time went by and no one caught anything I started to wonder what was up. Finally we moved to a new spot, and some people got a couple of fish, but still not much to speak of. It was especially frustrating when this boat with three old guys and this little fat kid pulled up right across from ours, in our spot, that our captain had found, using our ships SONAR and started reeling in lots of fish. After several hours of this, we moved again.

It got to be around 2:00PM and finally the captain decided to call it a day. We made it back to the docks in about an hour, ate supper at a Mexican Restoraunt where Lizzy could speak more Spanish that the waitress could speak English, drove six hours home, getting in around Midnight.

So... That all sound pretty grim, but really it wasn't. I atcually enjoyed that whole thing rather imensly, I had never been our on the ocean like that before, and just doing that was worth it. I discovered that I don't get motion sick, even when I everyone is my party is, and there is this huge mexican guy throughing up so loud that you can hear him across the ship, and I like fishing, it just would be nice if I we caught some.... Just the photos and videos I got alone were worth it though. You can see some of them on my Facebook. I would put more here, but blogger has been such a pain lately with how you have to format them on the page and it takes forever. It could be my browser, but I have tried a couple different ones and its the same. So there you have it, our Deep Sea Fishing Adventure!


sherlock said...

I went deep sea fishing once. Didn't catch a thing but loved it anyway. I never seem to get seasick or motionsick though, lucky me I guess.

sherlock said...

By the way, I read your confusing post about the depressing fact that there are no good canidites.

I'm assuming your a democrat, since you voted for Obama it the whatever-it-was.

It was a very interesting (and confusing) post. I would never be able to vote for Obama, knowing he supports partial-birth abortions. The fact that I've never heard anything but the chanting of "Change" from him scares me.

Anyway Drew, you have prompted me to research the issue and hopefully get a post written on it, thanks.

sherlock said...

Last comment, I promise!

What Travian server are you on?

Andrew said...

The US6 server I believe. Not that I would necessarily encourage you too though. If you do my main village is at coordinates 135/-31.

Yeah... I am a Democrat, although I am more of a Republican at heart. You see, when the PA primaries came around the republican party had already selected McCain, so my vote wouldn't mean anything. So I became a democrat and voted for Obama, because I figured he was less an evil that Hillary.

I am very against abortion though, I think it's murder, I just tend to be more liberal on other issues. Which is why I'm frustrated, if my post seemed confusing it's probably because I am [confused]. Most people I know are going to vote for McCain are going to do it only because of the abortion issue. And it frustrates me that we feel like we have to vote for him because of that one issue. I feel like conservative politicians have hijacked the christian vote by being against abortion and homosexuality while being dead wrong on many other issues.

I would like to be a Christian like William Wilberforce, who believed helping the poor and needy and oppressed and ending government systems that only helped the rich get richer and treating developing countries with dignity and other things that are generally considered more liberal today. But today, politicians who believe in those things tend to be pro-abortion and those who are pro-life tend to be against those things.

Just for the record, I am not going to vote for Obama unless he has a major change toward the abortion issue (which I know is unlikely). I'm certainly not going to vote for McCain and his policies either though. So at this point I'm not going to vote at all.

sherlock said...


where did you hear of the conservitive plans for the economy?

In other words, who are you quoting when you say "getting the rich richer".

Something I'm sick of hearing is that the "rich" people need to have their money taken away and given to the poor, because programs that say they do that normally don't end up giving all that much money to the poor.

Most of the "rich" people I know pump money into charities, not out of goodwill mind you, but it offers some much needed tax relief. I think that taxes need to be cut for everyone. I haven't actually heard that taxes would be only cut for rich people, and I would challenge you that maybe you've been listening to a little too much CNN without a good healthy gallon of salt.

Look up sites like the Drudge report, places that try to simply offer facts instead of slanting so decidedly left or right. A few actually exist, or so they say.

Andrew said...

Lowering taxes will will cause less money to go to those programs that "don't end up giving all the money to the poor" and will cause afluant individuals to need the currently "much needed tax relief" less, which in the absense of "good will", is going to make them less likely to pump money into those charities.

This will make the rich retain more money and eliminate two sources of aid to individuals below the poverty line who do not pay taxes in the first place and will therfore not be helped in any way by lower taxes.

I think this reasoning stands alone without sources or my having to prove that I'm not deluded.

Andrew said...

I will check out the drudge report though. I have to admit that I probably do watch too much CNN (it's like the only major news channel we get in our dish package : (

sherlock said...

Hehe, please note that I was being slightly sarcastic when i said "much needed" we, the poor (seriously, i'm poor) need tax relief.

I guess what I was trying to say is you sound quite... vehement... against "rich" people... Is it their fault they have more money than us?
The problem is, when you have the government telling us that everyone has to be "equal" you turn into a Cuba. Rather than balancing everything out, we become a totalistic dictatorship that brings everyone down to poverty level.

But anyway, i'm ill read. So i'll be researching all this jank, in order to put us both straight. All i know is that the liberal ideas on the economy rot, and that the media twists and turns all conservitive views. (we are after all "anti-choice".

Andrew said...

lol, yes, I'm never quite sure how they pulled that one over on us (anti-choice and all that junk).....

but yeah, I don't rich people for being rich, they are just playing according to the rules, I mean, I've known some people who were more well to do, and honestly if you gave me the chance to be wealthy I think I would take it, so I'm not mad at the people... it's more like the rules themselves I'm questioning, and if it comes of sounding like I'm angry at people then I apologize for that.

And the media is frustrating. I can't even watch evening talk shows any more, because whether the speaker is liberal or conservative on an issue I always get really frustrated the way there talking about it. But you can't imagine that right... I mean really, me? getting up tight over a political issue? ; )