Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hard Boiled Transfusion

I haven't posted in a while I know... I guess in the summer I usually get lazy... but hey, it's not even summer yet technically, so I shouldn't have that much of an excuse. Everything's been going pretty well, other than my Grandma of course, but I think even she has been doing a little better the last couple of days. We are putting the finishing touches on our old house and soon we should be moving back in. My new place is getting cleaned out (I'll be living in the room above our garage) and I'm exited about moving in. I bought an external hard drive to do back ups on the ensure as best I can that I don't lose all my data again. It's a Maxtor 500 gigabyte, similar to the one at our office, but this one is the dual interface, so it has fire wire ports also, which I think are faster, and let you plug more than one computer in at the same time, not that I need to do that right now, but I bought it from, so it was even cheaper than the less deluxe version, so I thought I might as well get it. It also looks a little cooler. Since I was placing that order I decided to get the movie Hard Boiled which I have had been wanting to see for a long time since it has one of my favorite actors, Chow Young Fat and is directed by my favorite director/choreographer John Woo. I watched it last night, and it was good. I think a lot of stuff in modern action movies for that last ten years has been copied from it, as a lot of the fight scenes in the matrix, to name one, greatly resemble the those in Hard Boiled, which is kind of ironic as John Woo says that he was trying to copy John Wayne... but that's cultural transfusion for you... Chinese people imitating Americans and Americans imitating them back and something entirely new ends up being created... or was nothing new created...? I don't know.

- Andrew

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