Friday, May 30, 2008

Philadelphia - The City of Brotherly Love

We are in Philadelphia right now. My Dad had a stove to deliver just outside the city, so we made the trip into the city since none of us had done any of the typical touristy things that people usually do here. These are some pictures I took this evening:

The Liberty Bell

Myself in front of Independence Hall

Another angle of the Liberty bell

Some big Church that I forget the name of

Another view of it

A mural that I believe is part of their "Anti-Graffiti-Initiative" or something like that.

China Town, which is actually just two or three blocks from the Historic district, which is right in the middle of the skyline. So I was impressed how close in and snug everything was.

My parents at a little Italian place on the street that made awesome cheese-steaks and panini's


Anonymous said...

Cool pics! I like the one with the steeple and the lights shining thru the trees. :)

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign my name!! that was me, Terri. :D

Andrew said...

hah, thanks, I think you probably saw them before I had the captioned, but then, I don't recall what the Church was called... so it probably wouldn't make a difference... ;)

Andrew said...

say, we must not be to far from you right now Terri, your friends of Keith and Lydia, so are you in Media?

Anonymous said...

I'm a little further west, but I have been to Media many times. I haven't met Lydia in person yet, but have talked to her alot on the phone.