Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Bit of Earth

I ran in a 5k this Monday morning in at Mansfield University with a lot of my friends from our fellow ship. It was very hilly (Well, actually it's not as hilly as the road I practice on, but it was a lot hillier than most tracks) so nobody set any records for speed, but it was fun. I got a 24.28, which was ironically short of my time in Florida (24.12), so I was a little bummed when I saw it, but then I started thinking about it and considering that the track in Florida was comparatively flat, and that Tallahassee is at a lower altitude and there is a lot more oxygen (seriously!) I should probably be glad that I even got a comparable time. It was a beautiful day and I would post some pictures, but I obviously didn't take any while I was running. My cousin took some, and if she sends them to me like I asked then perhaps I'll upload them here.

I met for a Bible study with Josh Charles, an old friend from our Mennonite days who I go to college with now for a Bible study that he started for guys who are staying around town in the summer. Patrick Milano, a guy who was homeschooled and was in my graduating class in PHCA at the forum in Harrisburg was there also, along with Andrew White, a Musician that I know a little through some friends in our old Sovereign Grace church, and I guy named Matt, who I really don't know anything about, but was a cool guy. We went through about three books in Genesis studying Joseph and spent a few hours on it, which was cool. I haven't done anything like that in probably a year. When the whole situation at our Church started to go down. It was good to talk with some guys that I could relate too (they seem to be a rare find), if only to know that I'm not the only one with the same questions and angsts and things. So that was good.

Work has been crazy that last two days. Everybody is getting into a frenzy gearing up for this huge training conference "The Green Wave" that we are hosting, with dealers and installers invited from our whole territory (which is most of the North-Eastern United States) and guys flying our from Seattle WA to do the training. The office is started to look a bit better now, we planted a vegetable garden out front in this big bed that had been bare earth for a long time, and now, because we haven't got any rain I've been watering it like crazy to try and keep it alive, and I think we might still lose the lettuce, but over all it looks nice. We also moved some old stoves out of the display room and gutted Marty (our account)'s office : )

I just bought an album, Lowly by Monarch today, who is a musician from Pennsylvania (though he lives in NYC now). It's phenomenal on a number of levels. Be warned if you intend to listen to it, some of it is a bit graphic, but I think he does a great job talking about how Christians guys trying to live today feel and brings up some situations that most people wouldn't think of. His music is great too, if you don't mind alternative.

Anyhow, that's all for now I guess.

God bless,



Anonymous said...

Where are you going to Church now drew?
Yes, we do have all of the oxegyn down here. =D

Andrew said...

We usually meet with some of the families that used to go to SGC at one of our houses.

Anonymous said...

You guys haven't been getting any rain?? We've been getting a good bit down in southern PA... though I haven't planted anything yet. :/
Sounds like you've been keeping yourself busy! :)
btw: any sign of the coyotes?