Friday, May 09, 2008

Back in Amish Country

I'm in Amish Country now... at a hotel this time (the Slacks are staying with the Amish people). So we were with them all this evening, which carried with it it's whole own mix of pleasantry and awkwardness all at once. I've been able to look at it all somewhat differently than I did when we were here last fall... partly because of things I've learned, and partly because of things I've experienced. The first occurring at college... what with looking at different cultures and attempting not to be biased, and the second, the things I've gone through with our Church and how it seems to be very similar to what some of the people in this Amish community are going through... so maybe we aren't that different after all.

At any rate, we are here to help out with a sort of show/community day thing that one of our dealers, who is Amish puts on every year. So I'll be around lots of other Amish people, many of whom have far more conservative views than those we are friends with... so that is bound to be an experience. It will be more fun though since Jordan is here, along with his keen appreciation for awkward moments. So that's that.

One of the Amish (well, actually ex Amish, but that's to complicated to cover here) couples this evening was telling us about their sons courtship and how the fathers are going to talk about it tomorrow morning. It got me thinking about how it all works in there system... and how the guy actually seemed to be in love with her. I've started to wonder if it's ever even possible for me. These last few months have made me question. I know it must sound completely silly for an 18 year old guy to be talking like that, but one of my friends who had a very similar upbringing as me in the Church of Joshua Harris, so to speak, and had always been very outspoken about his convictions about sex and relationships and that sort of thing is just wrapping up college and I just found out that he says he feels that way... so that doesn't give me a great deal of hope really. I'm afraid I may have been ruined for this world... which was really what everyone wanted to happen I suppose... but I don't see how it's made me a better person in any other world or context... so yeah. And as I was thinking this Mr. Slack had to go and bring up all his stories about getting married when he was really young and his friend who got married when he was 18. So that made me feel just great.

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