Friday, May 30, 2008

Philadelphia - The City of Brotherly Love

We are in Philadelphia right now. My Dad had a stove to deliver just outside the city, so we made the trip into the city since none of us had done any of the typical touristy things that people usually do here. These are some pictures I took this evening:

The Liberty Bell

Myself in front of Independence Hall

Another angle of the Liberty bell

Some big Church that I forget the name of

Another view of it

A mural that I believe is part of their "Anti-Graffiti-Initiative" or something like that.

China Town, which is actually just two or three blocks from the Historic district, which is right in the middle of the skyline. So I was impressed how close in and snug everything was.

My parents at a little Italian place on the street that made awesome cheese-steaks and panini's

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Bit of Earth

I ran in a 5k this Monday morning in at Mansfield University with a lot of my friends from our fellow ship. It was very hilly (Well, actually it's not as hilly as the road I practice on, but it was a lot hillier than most tracks) so nobody set any records for speed, but it was fun. I got a 24.28, which was ironically short of my time in Florida (24.12), so I was a little bummed when I saw it, but then I started thinking about it and considering that the track in Florida was comparatively flat, and that Tallahassee is at a lower altitude and there is a lot more oxygen (seriously!) I should probably be glad that I even got a comparable time. It was a beautiful day and I would post some pictures, but I obviously didn't take any while I was running. My cousin took some, and if she sends them to me like I asked then perhaps I'll upload them here.

I met for a Bible study with Josh Charles, an old friend from our Mennonite days who I go to college with now for a Bible study that he started for guys who are staying around town in the summer. Patrick Milano, a guy who was homeschooled and was in my graduating class in PHCA at the forum in Harrisburg was there also, along with Andrew White, a Musician that I know a little through some friends in our old Sovereign Grace church, and I guy named Matt, who I really don't know anything about, but was a cool guy. We went through about three books in Genesis studying Joseph and spent a few hours on it, which was cool. I haven't done anything like that in probably a year. When the whole situation at our Church started to go down. It was good to talk with some guys that I could relate too (they seem to be a rare find), if only to know that I'm not the only one with the same questions and angsts and things. So that was good.

Work has been crazy that last two days. Everybody is getting into a frenzy gearing up for this huge training conference "The Green Wave" that we are hosting, with dealers and installers invited from our whole territory (which is most of the North-Eastern United States) and guys flying our from Seattle WA to do the training. The office is started to look a bit better now, we planted a vegetable garden out front in this big bed that had been bare earth for a long time, and now, because we haven't got any rain I've been watering it like crazy to try and keep it alive, and I think we might still lose the lettuce, but over all it looks nice. We also moved some old stoves out of the display room and gutted Marty (our account)'s office : )

I just bought an album, Lowly by Monarch today, who is a musician from Pennsylvania (though he lives in NYC now). It's phenomenal on a number of levels. Be warned if you intend to listen to it, some of it is a bit graphic, but I think he does a great job talking about how Christians guys trying to live today feel and brings up some situations that most people wouldn't think of. His music is great too, if you don't mind alternative.

Anyhow, that's all for now I guess.

God bless,


Sunday, May 18, 2008

MMORPG's & Stuff In This Thing That We Call Reality

My computer is starting to feel more like my computer now, as I'm slowly getting stuff loaded back on to it. I've been playing World of Warcraft a lot, which is fun, and it it addicting like people say (I actually bought it back in February or March, believe it or not, but I didn't load it on because I was afraid this would happen and I wouldn't get anything done + plus, it's completely online, with other people, which is why they call it an MMORPG (massively-multiplayer-online-role-playing-game) and you have to pay a subscription every month, so it's the sort of thing that wouldn't be cost-effective to play just an hour or two a week).

Some random events:

This past week was my first real week of work - it went pretty well.

My parents went to Virginia, but are back now.

My Dad and some other guys officially resigned from the board of directors, and our whole family ended our membership, as we had never actually been told to leave, and were on a sort of leave of absence. Even though it doesn't seem like the happiest way for things to end, I'm glad, because it seemed like the most graceful end that I could humanly imagine to the whole affair. I think they were in the right personally, but it seemed very clear to me from the first that SG people weren't going to back down on anything, so to fight it further I'm afraid would have hurt a lot more people, some who didn't have any hand in it at all. I'm really thankful that there is some kind of closure on the whole thing now though, and I hope that I'll be able to see how God works through it (I have faith he is, but I hope I will see it).

Please pray very hard for my grandma on my Moms side, she has been having some really bad problems with anxiety attacks and is at the hospital right now over it. Pray for my grandpa, as I'm not really sure he's a believer and I know this has to be really hard on him, and for my Mom also, as it can't easy for her to deal with all this and I think it's wearing on her some.

If your read this don't think I wrote these things in order of importance, it's just that it took me a while to work up to the last couple, so yeah... if you could pray for all that, it would be wonderful.


- Andrew

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The worst single thing that could possibly happen to me from a materialistic view point [just happened]

Last night the hardrive on my Mac died. I lost everything. My parents took it to an Apple store today and they put a new hardrive in it but they hardly recovered any of my data. Worse than that, it now doesn't even have most of the programs that it came with, so I'm actually worse off than a clean slate. So now, I'm slowly, failingly, trying to pick of the pieces of my life, which if you knew me, you would know tends to revolve around the digital world. I think I'm on the verge of having a nervouse break down at this point.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Back in Amish Country

I'm in Amish Country now... at a hotel this time (the Slacks are staying with the Amish people). So we were with them all this evening, which carried with it it's whole own mix of pleasantry and awkwardness all at once. I've been able to look at it all somewhat differently than I did when we were here last fall... partly because of things I've learned, and partly because of things I've experienced. The first occurring at college... what with looking at different cultures and attempting not to be biased, and the second, the things I've gone through with our Church and how it seems to be very similar to what some of the people in this Amish community are going through... so maybe we aren't that different after all.

At any rate, we are here to help out with a sort of show/community day thing that one of our dealers, who is Amish puts on every year. So I'll be around lots of other Amish people, many of whom have far more conservative views than those we are friends with... so that is bound to be an experience. It will be more fun though since Jordan is here, along with his keen appreciation for awkward moments. So that's that.

One of the Amish (well, actually ex Amish, but that's to complicated to cover here) couples this evening was telling us about their sons courtship and how the fathers are going to talk about it tomorrow morning. It got me thinking about how it all works in there system... and how the guy actually seemed to be in love with her. I've started to wonder if it's ever even possible for me. These last few months have made me question. I know it must sound completely silly for an 18 year old guy to be talking like that, but one of my friends who had a very similar upbringing as me in the Church of Joshua Harris, so to speak, and had always been very outspoken about his convictions about sex and relationships and that sort of thing is just wrapping up college and I just found out that he says he feels that way... so that doesn't give me a great deal of hope really. I'm afraid I may have been ruined for this world... which was really what everyone wanted to happen I suppose... but I don't see how it's made me a better person in any other world or context... so yeah. And as I was thinking this Mr. Slack had to go and bring up all his stories about getting married when he was really young and his friend who got married when he was 18. So that made me feel just great.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Final Midieval Rabbit Pies

Well... finals are almost over. It's hard to believe really. I had one on Monday, in Anthropology, for which I got together with Abby and Tiffany for in North Hall which was fun. I ate lunch with Tiff afterwards and ended up talking with her for almost an hour and a half about bad vacation/traveling experiences like families getting sick on the road and almost getting drowned and car accidents and that sort of thing. It turns out she is going to Ocean City this summer with her boyfriend who showed up, which I felt was just a little awkward... but they both seemed OK. On Tuesday I didn't have anything, so I stayed home and took pictures for my families Medieval Pie (a homeschool event they have every year; it's actually supposed to be a feast, but no one was feeling that motivated this year).

Today I had two finals in Micro-Computers and General Biology. They both went well... much better than I had expected actually (I shouldn't say that as I don't know yet - but I had a good feeling). And it looks as if I may actually get my tutoring compensation in the form of an iPod in the end. I only have one left in Sociology. I was able to get Dr. Madigan my essay finally. He was happy when he saw it. It was six pages long and he said it was the longest anyone had done or that question yet. It was supposed to basically sum up what you had learned in the course though, so I thought it had better not be to shabby. I hope he likes it, and doesn't think it's too preachy or philosophical.

This evening after supper I went woodchuck hunting. I saw one on my Grandpa's rock pile, but missed it. Then I saw my cousin Chris, who also had a gun, and heard my shot and came over. We went out in the field together and saw another one. We must have fired ten or fifteen shots at it, but we were aways away and he kept bobbing up and down in his hole. Then I shot and he seemed to stop moving, so we were exited and ran over, but then he popped back down in his hole and we were unable to find any sign that we had hit him at all. So we weren't to happy about that... but it was still fun. After that we went down in the woods below my house and Chris shot a rabbit. I don't kill them my self actually, but I don't really care if other people do so I got this picture of him with it.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Three of H

We had our Key of H Band reunion today. Only Jordan, Daniel and myself were able to attend, but it went well anyhow. Here is a song we made up. Check out the related comments and stuff on my band's website (the link is on the right side of this blog).