Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wrongly Convicted - The Cops Raid My UNV Class

Today I had a highly unusual experience. It was the last evening that my UNV met class, and everyone was exited. But an event transpired that soon overshadowed the fact that we were wrapping it up. It started before that though.

This morning I went down to the poles at the middle school to vote in the PA primaries with my parents. We voted for Obama. We are Democrats now, by the way. We come from and extremely staunch group of Republicans, but we decided that since our vote wasn't going to matter for anything as Republicans, and we are not particularly fond of McCain, and we rather like Obama and definitely don't like Hillary, the best thing to do would be to change our party affiliations and vote for Obama. This caused quite a little stir among all the older ladies who run the poles, as everyone around here knows everyone else, and they all know we have been Reps. Now technically they aren't supposed to tell anyone what party we are, but they certainly said the "D" (denoting Democrat) at the end of our voter codes very loudly, and with a certain inflexion for the benefit of everyone else in the room, that probably wasn't necessary even if some were slightly def. My Mom and Dad and I couldn't stop laughing about this after we got back in our car. So that was my first time voting. If you ever asked me a year ago I would never have guessed that it would be as a Democrat for a liberal candidate... but ah... that's life.

I got back and was going to leave for Mansfield, but my car battery was dead, I had the key to far forward, and it ran it down, which I am mad at myself about, because it's the second time this week, which is really stupid. I got a jumper cable though and my Grandpa (he's always saving the day it seems... I wonder if it has something to do with that he's a Vet of the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and has become good at saving the day) brought up his truck and gave my Audi a charge.

So I got off on time. The reason I was leaving early, which I usually would not on a Thursday, was that I wanted to attend a speech by Anthony Michael Green, who was a man from Ohio who was imprisoned for 13 years on false charges and later exonerated on DNA evidence through The Innocence Project. I got there on time, and it was an unbelievable story, and sad, and somewhat unsettling as you wonder how many other people like him must be out there still in the system. This was very ironic considering what happened later today.

I had lab this afternoon. I did terrible on the quiz on from last weeks material as there was a lot of Math and Math and Andrew Wilber go together like Genghis Kahn and literacy. I'm not to worried about my score though, because I got a 94 on my last test, so I hopefully I should get at least a B+. It was fun after that, because we got to go out in the woods (a cool thing about Mansfield is that much of the campus is basically woods) and bring back as many species of plant and animal as we could catch (which mostly ended up being insects, obviously) and classify them.

After that I went to Kersten's dorm with my guitar and played Celtic music with her and some of her friends. It was really fun. I can't say I have ever played that style with anyone else, but I really enjoyed it. Then I went to my UNV class... and that was where the real insanity began.

There is this guy in my class named Corey. He is, or was, an English Major, and was always very thoughtful, which would be ok, except that he was outspoken about all of his thoughts to the point that seldom a class would go by that he didn't end up enraging most of the other people in the room. Now, other than this, he seemed to me like an Ok guy, quite knowledgeable really. We all had to give presentations of community service projects that we designed. And our professor, Mr. Jenkins, had gone out of the room with a student to help her print out her notes. That's when it all started to happen. Police started walking around the hallways, and we could hear them questioning people and talking on their radios. There were four of them in the building, and they had cars barricading the campus entrances. We finally thought they were about the leave, but then one of them came into our room and asked us if we had seen a guy with a tweed jacket, sun glasses and a black leather briefcase. This description fit Cory perfectly, and he actually raised his hand and asked "Would that be me?". The cop who seemed slightly bemused at the person whom they had apparently prepared to arraigned forcefully now being one of the people to whom he had just asked the question, looked him up and down and said. "Your right, it would." And with that. They took him away. Now, as you can imagine everyone in the room started talking about him, and from what I said before, you should understand that many of them weren't all that fond of him before this happened. So there were a bunch of roomers going around. What I couldn't understand was why, if he was really guilty would he have admitted who he was when the police would have never noticed him. So I stayed silent.
Then, what took the cake was when Mr. Jenkins came back in. he looked very exited and and apparently been questioned be the cops and informed us all "There's a man hunt going on!" And then we all said: "They caught him." and he looked all around and out the window saying "Where?!" And people pointed to the empty seat in front of me where Cory had been sitting, at which point Mr. Jenkins just said "Wow, that's deep!" and sat down. He went and talked to the cops again a minute later and came back and told us something to the effect that Cory would never be back here again, and shouldn't have been admitted to the University in the first place and it was a wonder how he had been taking class for so long. So then, we started our presentations, which seemed rather awkward at this point. About half way through however, the cops came back, and Mr. Jenkins went out and talked to them again. He came back and informed us "Cory's OK, it was a misunderstanding. He's OK." And sure enough, he came back in, looking rather shaken, but there none the less. So that was that. And I we never found out anything more about it. But I will always remember the last day of my UNV class as the day we were raided by the Police.


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Natalie said...

wow crazy story! thanks for the comment, feel free to keep stopping by - although I can't guarantee you'll gain anything beneficial from it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, so many things to comment on! :)
Your voting story was interesting, especially the part about the older ladies - that was FUNNY! I went with my oldest to our voting place, he also voted for the first time. Though I think he ws expecting a lot more out of the process than what is happening with this year's elections. :/

I saw the Innocence Project last year on TV, you're right - very unsettling...

LOL at: "Math and Andrew Wilber go together like Genghis Kahn and literacy"...math isn't one of our favorite subjects around here either. NEAT that you all got to go out in the woods for school! I miss having the woods around to just run around in and be alone and think. My kids love the woods up at my Mom's house. BTW: if I remember correctly my one cousin went to Mansfield, I know alot of people from my hometown area go there because it's fairly close (NE PA).

Celtic music! LOVE IT, always have and now my other son plays Irish whistle, so I get to hear it all the time. :)

That's scary what happened with Corey! Wow! =:o