Wednesday, April 09, 2008

On Natural Selection Among Mealworm Beetles

Ok, update, I did get registered, and I was able to get into the classes I wanted, less one, so thanks to those of you who prayed for me in that regard. 

I started tutoring, which went well, except that the second time I did it, the guy didn't show up, so that wasn't really cool....

I took the tests, the one for Biology went quite well; I got an 89, which was a big improvement from my last score, if not quite on par with my first 96. At any rate, I hope that a B+ is somewhat inevitable at this point, if not better after the extra credit I've done kicks in. 
My test in micro computers didn't go quite as well, for the whole class. I did alright on the knowledge section, but I don't the score for the hands on part, and I know that I completely skipped the last two steps in the process, as I ran out of time. If all the steps were equally weighted then I should be OK, but if, as I have some suspicion, they were worth more, then I could be in trouble.

For my UNV class I have all these student activities things that are just like, going to athletic or theater events, which you would just accomplish naturally if you lived on campus, but commuting for half an hour away, I would rather not do. So basically the clock is running out for that and I need to find some events I can go too. So, that is a little bit distressing at this point. I would be lousy if I got A's and B's in my other classes and then completely messed up in this ridiculous "First Year Lecture"

Below are some pictures I took in lab with my cell phone. We were doing an experiment with mealworm beetles. I'm actually not sure if they are called that because they are adult mealworms, or because they eat them. At any rate, it was rather complicated, more so than I really have energy to type right now, so here are the pictures:     

Above is testing their speed, we had twenty, and we had to do the test twice for each one, and then average the times, so it took a while. 
Below is measuring their length. There isn't a terrible amount of variance in meal worm length. The mode, in case you wondered, was 15 (mm)  

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