Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hallelujah Chorus's and Lousy Karaoke

Ok... I did just about everything. And then I did some more.

Friday: I did my classes. I got a very unhappy grade back from the hands on section of my micro-computers test. Fortunately I did Ok on the knowledge section, so the whole thing should be at least passing, but all the same, I don't need to go messing up my grade in that class. I dropped off Mr. P's PA system. Then I had Anthropology class canceled, because Dr. Molla was speaking at a big conference. But he gave us an assignment instead, to right a paper about art. That evening I ate supper with Kersten, Keren, and some other girls in Manser Cafeteria, which was only about the forth time I've eaten there (don't worry, I'm not missing out on much). Then we met up with the Navs and left for the retreat. That night we played Settlers of Catan (the guys did, and I won a game). And one of the girls brought a karaoke machine. That was fun, only I have such an ignorance of popular music that I could only listen most of the time. I got some really funny videos of other people though, that have not yet been released. Then we played four on a couch. Which was an extremely complicated game, and had everyone arguing in no time, at which point I took some more video, which has also not been released.... 

Saturday: woke up. A speaker came, but I left in the middle of the message to go back to Mansfield to see a track meet. Abby was there helping with the pole vaulting. I also met Tai and Ben and hung out with them, which was a big bonus. The real reason I was there however, was my UNV course. If you recall, I had to make that athletic event requirement... so now that is done. The I drove back to canton (it's a good 45 minute commute by the way, and by the end of it all, I had used half a tank of gas, and it costs me $52 to fill it up, which means I spent roughly $26 just on gas this weekend!). I got back just in time to hear the guy (I think his name was Harry) give another sermon about the evils of premarital sex (what else would you preach a sermon on the a group of college students? I can think of some things, but not many other people can, or so it seems). So yeah... anyhow... that late that afternoon I left with Kersten to go back to Mansfield yet again to see Handel's Messiah. I had never heard it before, and it was wonderful, although they have this odd way of saying everything about 27 times and turning one bible verse into a 4 minute long Aria. I thought the whole thing was positively world class though. But I really wouldn't know much about it. I went home and was alone, which was kind of strange, but nice in some ways. So bang! Two requirements for UNV met in one day! And I am caught up and done (with that assignment).

Sunday: This morning I went up to Corning and went to Church at the E's. Joe Simmons gave the message, and I was very pleasantly surprised. I had sort of dreaded it, as I new him to be rather radical on some issues, but he did a very, very good job. The discussion was on anger, and whether or not it is ever right to be angry. After that we are, and the Petersons made this really good Thai  Chicken. I ate with the adults and of course we talked about what we always talk about, which is Church politics and the latest revelations and even more pervasively black holes in that whole situation. Then, I was going to go home, but ended up going into Corning with everyone to play Ultimate with Jared's  cross country team. That was fun, although my team lost, I actually played (probably owing to the fact that Jared wasn't actually there). After that I went home, and my family just got back about two hours ago. So that's it, and now I'm spending all this time writing this down when it's late and I have reading two do and a quiz to take and a paper to polish up. But, in a couple years, this post will probably mean more to me than those things, so it's not two bad....

Hallelujah Chorus's and Lousy Karaoke, life is made of both. And that is my attempt at a profound thought, to late at night, when I should be doing other things....

God Bless!

- Andrew Wilber 


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,

This comment has absolutely nothing to do with your posting, but I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed browsing through some of your posts! I am from NE PA and grew up in the country, so I can relate to some of the things you talk about in your posts (except for the coyotes! never saw any and hope never to!) 8O
Also, my son who is around your age is very jealous that you were able to shoot a woodchuck from out your bedroom window. ;)
btw: he was at the same Quest you were at. we're no longer at our church - long story. It's been pretty rough, since that's where all his buddies were.
Anyway, just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your blog (I was reading some of the entries to him - like the one about you with a camera in one hand and the gun in the other with a coyote pack charging at you!!)


Andrew said...


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy my blog and that someone is reading it. Some things around here are pretty cool, and others not, but I like it over all.
We are also not attending our Church anymore, but that is also a long story.

PS. I hope you see this. I know I've posted a couple things since this post, so it's sort of burried.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,

I just checked today for the first time in a bit and was glad to see your comment. :)
I posted a response over on your 4.22.08 posting, btw.
Do you have any kind of yahoo email or anything? (I like blogs, but it's hard sometimes because I'd just like to be able to tell the person that wrote the blog something and not post it publicly. If not, that's fine, just wondering.) :)